Angel 2014

Creator : Tomohiro Kimura (Japan) <site>

Creator's impression

My first impression of “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” was that I didn’t need to learn its functions so much, but got used to the software like fitting my hands to it. This uniqueness of “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” will quickly enable creators drawing either with hands or computers to get to use it fluently.

Users can draw various types of works such as manga-like picture and illustration only with this software; you will never need high-end expensive ones.

I have used a lot of software and each has its own uniqueness and value, so it is difficult to decide which one is the best. But when it comes to drawing with computers, it is amazing to me that “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” has various functions and usability with such a reasonable price.

For drawing, the software has various brushes such as watercolor brush, crayon and pencil, and users can easily change the style of brush depending on drawing touch.
Especially for watercolor, it blends well with ground color, so users can use it as if they painted it with real painting. Also the software has various blending and blurring functions, so it is easy to create contrast and highlight. Just this wide variety of paint and blur is worth for using this software.

For drawing line, you can not only draw a smooth line with pen and vector, but also fix it later. This is very convenient for me.

The software has a lot of functions for correction such changing the width of a part of line, moving a line by using a brush, clearing a vector line that protrudes at an intersection. It is helpful for creators using digital tools to make corrections depending on works and methods.

Another point is that it takes a lot of time for regular image processing software to reverse an image itself when it contains multiple layers or it is with huge data. However, it does not take a lot of time for “CLIP STUDISO PAINT” because it reverses a displayed image, and it can be operated just with one button.
I often use this function to check a balance, so I find this very convenient.

Also, there are extensive materials such as texture as default. Users can expand the range of expression just by using such materials. The software also has useful functions for a detailed part such as filling regardless of gaps. These functions will help you for various objectives and situations.

For this sample work, I used more than 40 layers with large images to see how smoothly the software will work, and it worked well.
I also applied a lot of vector lines into details, but I never felt any stress that it worked slowly. Even though it took a certain amount of time to open and save files, it is the best aspect of this software to work smoothly.

It can work well with Photoshop, and it is good for me to exchange files depending on situations.

The ability to draw basic pictures is essentially required for any software. On the other hand, the various functions to support for drawing are necessary for creators as well as people who want to be processionals. Personally I regard this software helping me realize images that I have in mind.

Finally, I will say that “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” is the software for a broad range of creators from students to professionals. This software will give spurs to processes of creating works.