2. Character Settings - Draft

[1] Character Settings
[2] Rough/Draft Drawing

[1] Character Settings

This is not so much to say Character Settings but,
this section describes what I considered about drawing characters.

I like Japanese-style characters, so I would take these here!
These characters were shaped for a novel for the first time, so their visual appearance has not yet been precisely designed.
I used my rough settings that were prepared prior to this writing to design characters.


  1. A leading character is a child ogre who is harmless to people
  2. She has treasure and that is why she is targeted by Shogun
  3. A yin-yang master is sent to "get the treasure and kill her" as commanded by Shogun
  4. The child and the yin-yang master live happily after everything has been done

Based on the original concept for my novel, let us make a child ogre and a yin-yang master.

The leading character, a child ogre needs horns with sharp ears.
I selected fluffy bouncy as well as stupid-looking hair because the character is supposed to be cheerful and I like it. I used warm colors as the base.

On the contrary, cold colors are mainly used for the yin-yang master, which adds a little darker image to him. Some scenes appear in winter, therefore he wraps a scarf around his neck. As a yin-yang master, he must have gone through many dangerous scenes, so that is why he also has a scar on his face.

Treasure is set up as a sword as it is supposed to be Japanese.

Considering the above background, here is the first drawing as shown below. Based on this, I have drawn illustration here.


[2] Rough/Draft Drawing

Let us work on a rough/draft drawing.
On the [File] menu, click [New] to create a canvas. The final size should be A4 350dpi but a rough drawing is drawn with a smaller 100dpi.

I wanted to add an innocent expression to the atmosphere and snow after everything has been settled, therefore, an expected picture is like that the child ogre is making a rabbit from snow when snowing and the yin-yang master with an umbrella is cuddling up to her...

First let us draw a rough composition. Characters are colored in blue while rough background and foreground in green.
My concept was that the child ogre is showing him a snow rabbit while the yin-yang master is putting a scarf on her shoulders as he shows his care for her in this cold weather.

Let us get into more details based on the rough composition.
Color each part of their bodies: body = red, clothes = blue, hair = purple, etc in drawing.

The entire coarse oil paper umbrella is not shown but I thought it was hard to make it well-balanced. Therefore, I created the entire umbrella first and edited this by scaling up/moving under [Transform] -> [Scale/Rotate] on the [Edit] menu to fit the characters.

After the draft is drawn, go on to coloring.
Mostly, the color of the characters have been defined already, so use that color.

This is my personal preference, but I like to use three primitive colors of red, blue, and yellow (green) in one illustration. So I colored like this taking this into consideration.
In this case:

Red = Umbrella and scarf
Blue = Yin-yang master's robe
Yellow = child ogre's belt and umbrella's ornaments, and green plants, etc.

This is how it comes out.

Now the draft drawing has been completed.