CLIP STUDIO PAINT: Software/app for Drawing Manga and Comics

Everything you need to draw manga! The best manga software!

Drawing performance
that professionals love

Pen touches feel as natural as hand drawing

Advanced pen pressure detection function for natural, realistic-looking pen strokes CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a wide range of settings to create images that suit your preferences, from correction functions to remove blurring and disarray to a function that recreates the variance between strong and weak pen pressure at the ends of lines drawn with a real pen.

Line correction
Starting and ending

Draw complicated areas with just one stroke!

CLIP STUDIO PAINT's decoration tools make it easier to draw complicated areas such as small items and various patterns such frills, chains and plants.

Draw vectors that can be processed and edited freely

Lines drawn on vector layers do not lose quality when zooming in or out, and the line width can be changed freely after drawing. You can also use handy functions such as pinching lines and erasing content drawn outside the lines.

Quick, neat coloring

The advanced coloring functions allow you to fill small areas left over after filling and close line gaps that cause the fill color to go outside the lines.

Close gap
Fill leftover
Contour line paint

In complete harmony with the Apple Pencil

The CLIP STUDIO PAINT iPad app is also available.The powerful CLIP STUDIO PAINT drawing engine uses the maximum capability of the Apple Pencil to promise the best drawing taste and completes the work-flow on the iPad alone. From now on, the supreme drawing taste can be enjoyed anywhere. Apart from the Apple Pencil, the Wacom Bamboo Sketch (iPad version) and Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 (iPad version) are styluses supporting pen pressure.

Packed with unique specialist technology for creating manga

Draw backgrounds and effects using rulers

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has advanced functions to help you draw small items, background and effect lines for your work.
Make more authentic manga by drawing freely with rulers such as a perspective ruler that allows you to add perspective to your backgrounds easily, symmetrical rulers that allow you to draw symmetrical shapes around a line or multiple points (such as 2- or 3-point symmetry) and various others such as a concentric circle ruler, a focus line ruler and a parallel line ruler.

Automatic creation of effect lines

Sub tools, exclusively designed for saturated lines and stream lines, will automatically create complicated effect lines.

Use 3D drawing figures as a ground layer

You can pose 3D drawing figures and use them as a ground layer for your work. The hardness and movable range of the joints are designed based on the actual structure of the human body, allowing you to create natural, unforced poses intuitively with the mouse. You can also import pre-made pose files. It is possible to change features of the included drawing figures such as the body shape and proportions.

Unlimited tones

Tones are an essential part of manga, and CLIP STUDIO PAINT has plenty of tone functions for you. You can add or remove areas as necessary and even freely process the tones after applying them. You can change the tone pattern or distort tones along the curved lines of the body. Many materials are also included for you to use as pattern tones.

Over 10,000 free materials!

You can download free materials from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS to help you make your manga. You can now share your original materials with the world.

Over 10,000 Free Downloadable Content

Balloons and drawn text

CLIP STUDIO PAINT makes it easy to draw balloons. You can also enter dialogs and make adjustments such as adding a tail smoothly. Drawn text such as sound effects can also be drawn to suit the style of your work using pens and brushes. Further, the iPad version includes fonts optimized for manga creation.

Smooth drawing of complicated frame borders

You can create frame borders easily using the frame border tool and frame border cutting tool. Frame borders can be created simply by dragging, and you can create bleed frames and frame borders in complicated shapes.
You can also create a frame border folder for each frame and use these folders to manage images and materials.

convert photos to manga style

CLIP STUDIO PAINT converts photos to manga style by adding outlines and posterizing with tones.
You can convert the outline and tones to separate layers using [LT conversion of layer], making it easy for you to improve the quality by modifying the lines, changing the tone settings and removing content.

Draw backgrounds and small items
by converting 3D data

You can draw backgrounds and small items at the desired angle by automatically converting 3D models.
This allows you to create even better manga than when simply converting data.

All the management functions you need to create a manga

Batch management of multi-page works

You can manage manga or comic works composed of multiple pages. The Story window allows you to add and rearrange pages and change the page format between a spread and single pages.

Check your finished work in the 3D preview

You can check a screen view of multi-page works to see what the work will look like when it is printed and bound.

Exporting functions
advanced enough for commercial manga

Import and export files
in Photoshop format

CLIP STUDIO PAINT is compatible with Photoshop, and data can be exchanged between the two programs. You can import PSD and PSB files to CLIP STUDIO PAINT and save CLIP STUDIO PAINT files in PSD or PSB format without losing the layer structure.

Import and export
in CMYK format suitable for printing

Data can be imported and exported in CMYK format suitable for printing in addition to the RGB format used for digital purposes. This allows you to display your work as it will be seen when it is actually printed, without needing to use another tool.

Export in ebook format

You can export the files of your work in the EPUB and Kindle ebook formats.
You can also publish your work as an e-comic in the Amazon Kindle store using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
* This function is unavailable for the iPad version.

Export in PDF format

The iPad app supports PDF file export.
Create multipage works and export them to PDF to share it as a single file.
* PDF file import is unavailable.


Many works have been created in CLIP STUDIO PAINT!

The CLIP STUDIO PAINT manga software is used by professional artists around the world.
Professional artists have created many works using this software.

Customized UI
to make your work easy

Auto actions allow you to perform multiple operations at once

Operations that you perform frequently or repeatedly can be registered as auto actions and performed with one click so that you can work more efficiently.

Customize the layout and switch the interface according to your purpose

You can customize the layout by placing various palettes together or on their own so that you can use them more easily. Layouts created for a particular style or purpose (such as for comics or for illustrations) can be saved along with shortcuts and command bar settings as a workspace so that you can call these drawing conditions at any time. You can download workspaces from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS and upload your original workspaces.

These are just a few of the features in CLIP STUDIO PAINT that make it fun and easy to create a manga.
Our trial version will give you a chance to see how easy it is to draw in this program that even professionals swear by!


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