Draw frame border

You can easily create manga frames that can be edited freely.

The purple parts outside of the frames are mask, which will hide where you draw over the frames.  You can configure the setting of it such as disable or hide in the [Layer] palette.

Let’s create frames for the sample manga name.

  1. Select [Frame Border Layer] in [New Layer] in the [Layer] menu.
  2. Click [OK], then a large frame will be created on canvas.
  3. Select [Divide frame border] in the [Frame border].
  4. Divide the frame by dragging to divide the canvas into upper and lower parts from the center. You can divide it straight with pushing the [Shift] key.

    You can adjust the size of frame with this function, so you don’t need to create it from scratch.

  5. Divide other frames for the [Storyboard] layer.
  6. Select [Object] in the [Operation] tool.
  7. Drag the yellow triangles outside the framed on the upper-right and on the lower-left and expand the frames up to the borders.
  8. Click to select the framed on the lower-right and delete unnecessary frames with the [Delete] key.