The best way to make manga and anime! Upgrade to CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX at a special price!
CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX special price

Main Features Exclusive to CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

Extract line drawings from photos or 3D models!

And photos! And 3D models!

You can convert photos or 3D models to lines and tones. Increase the quality of your illustration or manga easily!

▼ Check out how it works in the video!

Create full-scale animation works!

Edit the timeline!

You can create full-scale 2D animation works with no frame limit.

▼ Check out how it works in the video!

Make multi-page works easily!

You can even export your work as an ebook

You can even export your work as an ebook / ePub & kindle direct publishing

You can export your work in the Kindle or ePub ebook format. Releasing your work in ebook format is easy too.

Export in Kindle & ePub format!

Make multi-page works easily!

3D Preview for Binding

You can batch-manage all of the pages in a multi-page work and look at the whole work as you produce your work.
You can also easily add pages, change the page order and switch between a spread and single pages.

You can also check what the actual finished book will look like using the[3D Preview for Binding]feature.

▼ Check out how it works in the video!

Differences among the lineup

Functions DEBUT PRO EX
Single page illustrations and comics

Color/black-and-white illustrations and comics

Multi-page comics/manga & illustrations Manage multiple pages in a single file    
Vector layers Draw directly on vector layers to maintain the quality of your lines after scaling or transforming  
Natural and customizable pen and brush tools Customize every drawing tool.  
Animation tools

Create animated illustrations or full-length animations.
*In PRO and DEBUT, you can create animations up to 24 frames long (3 seconds at 8fps).

* *
Convert images and 3D models into lines and dot shading You can easily use images and 3D models for comics or design work by converting them into lines and screentones.    
Print and export multi-page documents

Print or export your multi-page files in a range of formats. (Not available on iPad version)

Number of materials

PRO and EX offer the same amount of materials. Some materials are not available in DEBUT.


How to Purchase CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX at a special price


Find the serial number of your copy of PRO.

Your serial number is written in your purchase completion email.



Click [Buy] on the upgrade purchase page.



Enter your serial number and purchase CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX from the special purchase page.

Your product Product that can be purchased at a special upgrade price How to Purchase

Purchase CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX from [Special offer to upgrade from PRO to EX].

CLIP STUDIO PAINT Special offer for customers of Wacom's products CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO

Purchase from the special page.

* You can buy one EX license at the special upgrade price for each PRO license.
* You can also use “French version”, “Spanish version” “German version” and “Korean version” for free if you have the serial number of the English version.