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Accepting tutorial writers for Clip Studio Paint

Share your art knowledge and tips with millions of creators all over the world! We’re now recruiting digital artists to create art tutorials with Clip Studio Paint and spread the enjoyment of creating.
  • Share your art and knowledge with Clip Studio Paint users around the world
  • Promote your art or business
  • Earn money from sharing your creative tips and knowledge

Why apply?

Earn money and receive a Clip Studio Paint license.

You can promote your art as well as your website, social media, or business in your tutorial.

Share your art knowledge with artists all over the world and have your tutorial published in multiple languages reaching millions of creators.

How to enter

Now accepting tutorials for the following art styles

Concept art

Concept art depicting a fictitious world in detail.

Realistic watercolor or oil painting

Techniques for recreating a natural watercolor or oil painting effect with digital software.

Scenery & fine art

Digital painting and fine art techniques for landscapes and scenery.

Illustration for design

Techniques for commercial illustration, such as product marketing or magazine illustrations

Character art

Tips for creating appealing and unique characters

What do I need to apply?

  • We are looking for artists who create digital art in the following categories:
    concept art, watercolor, oil painting, matte painting, landscape, scenery, graphic design, editorial illustration
  • Accepted artists will create text tutorials with accompanying images (or video tutorials) using Clip Studio Paint to share digital art knowledge with other creators.

    Feel free to apply even if you are not currently using Clip Studio Paint.

What are the terms?

  • Payment
    We are offering around US$700 per tutorial written (or US$1000 for video tutorials), depending on the content of the tutorial.

    If you create multiple tutorials, payment will be sent together.

  • Clip Studio Paint license
    If your application is accepted, we can provide you with a three-month license for Clip Studio Paint EX for Windows or macOS. Once you have completed the tutorial and it is posted, we will provide you with a permanent license for Clip Studio Paint EX.
  • Tutorials will be posted on the Clip Studio Tips website.
  • Tutorials may be translated and published in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Traditional Chinese.
  • Your name or pen-name will be featured on the article.

Where are the tutorials published?

Tutorials will be published on Clip Studio Tips and other services and sites operated by Celsys and affiliates.

Clip Studio Tips

On Clip Studio Tips, creators can learn and share art techniques, software tips and tricks, and other advice for digital art across a range of genres, from character illustration to concept art, comics, and painting.

Clip Studio

Tutorials are featured on the Clip Studio launcher, seen by Clip Studio Paint users all over the world.

YouTube / Facebook / Twitter

Tutorials will also be shared on the official Clip Studio Paint YouTube channel (80,000 subscribers), Facebook page (270,000 followers), and Twitter account (100,000 followers).

Tutorial Guidelines

  • We are looking for illustrated tutorials for the following art styles:
    concept art, watercolor, oil painting, matte painting, landscape, scenery, graphic design, editorial illustration
  • You will be asked to submit a rough draft of your proposed tutorial before moving on to create the tutorial after discussion with Celsys.
  • You may suggest content that you have already created, but content that has already been posted on Clip Studio Tips is ineligible.
  • You may post your tutorial in any of the following languages:
    English, French, Spanish, or German (minimum 800 words), traditional Chinese (minimum 1,500 characters), or Korean (2,000 characters)
  • Please include at least 15 explanatory images, progress shots, or screen captures along with your final artwork so that your tutorial is easy for beginners to understand. (Please refrain from adding text to your images, as it will not be translated.) You can also use videos or gifs.
  • Please only include images that you own. Tutorials with copyrighted content are not eligible.

How to apply

  1. Submit application
    Fill in the necessary information and submit your application. Apply here
  2. Evaluation
    Celsys will consider your application and contact you with the result by e-mail.Although we will try to respond to you as soon as possible, it may take between 7–10 business days for us to reply.
  3. Contract agreement
    We will discuss the project terms and scope, then draw a contract.
  4. Draft proposal
    You will be asked to submit a rough draft of your proposed tutorial and discuss with Celsys before moving on to create the tutorial. If you would like to propose your existing content, please send us the URL, text, or images so we can check the content.
  5. Tutorial creation and publication
    After you create your tutorial, we will publish it on Clip Studio Tips.
Enjoy creating more. Share your digital art knowledge with Clip Studio Paint!