Clip Studio Paint

Volume Licenses Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook

Made for education and enterprise, volume licenses come with support for remote working and learning, and can be used with up to two computer, tablet, or smartphone devices per person.

  • ・Manage licenses via a dedicated central management portal
  • ・Full support for remote working and learning
  • ・Up to two devices per user, all on a single contract
  • ・Compatible with all major computer, tablet, and smartphone platforms
  • ・Available as an annual subscription contract
  • ・User licenses available in units of 10

A license administrator Clip Studio account is required to purchase licenses
Trial it on your organization’s systems before committing to a contract. For inquiries, please contact us here.


1.Built for learning and working from home

  • ・Each user can use up to two devices, one at work or school, and one at home
  • ・Users are free to choose any supported device (Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook)
  • ・Different setups at different locations? No problem!
  • ・Licenses are authenticated online (internet access required)

2. The more licenses you sign up for, the bigger your discount

  • ・Available in units of 10
  • ・The number of licenses can be changed when your contract is renewed
  • ・Save money by signing up your entire organization to a single contract instead of a one for each location
Number of licenses Total annual cost per license
10 US$1,180/year US$118
20 US$2,120/year US$106
30 US$3,000/year US$100
40 US$3,770/year US$84.25

100+ US$5,890/year US$58.90

500+ US$18,420/year US$36.80

1,000+ US$29,460/year US$29.50

3.Easy license management through a centralized portal

  • ・Manage user invitations, suspensions, and user activity, all in one place from the license management portal
  • ・Add or remove license administrators freely
  • ・When signing up, please provide the Clip Studio Account of the person who will act as the initial license administrator

User Invitation

Deactivating licenses

User Activity

Clip Studio Paint Volume Licenses


  • ・Can be used for remote working and learning
  • ・Each user can use up to two devices on the same plan
  • ・Compatible with all major computer, tablet, and smartphone platforms
  • ・Available as an annual subscription contract
  • ・Available in units of 10


  • ・Built with all the functionality of Clip Studio Paint EX
  • ・Available for Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook devices
  • ・Internet access is required to authenticate licenses
  • ・To use and manage licenses, users and administrators must log in with a free Clip Studio account
  • ・Please contact us if your organization’s devices are installed with software that restores to default settings after use, or if single devices are used by multiple users
  • ・This function is not available on devices where the Documents (Windows or macOS) folder is stored on a server
  • ・As the product is downloadable please understand that no disks or physical manuals are delivered to contracted organizations
  • ・Download Clip Studio Paint here
  • ・ Click here for Clip Studio Paint operating specifications for each device-type

Price list

Number of licenses Total annual cost
10 US$1,180/year
20 US$2,120/year
30 US$3,000/year
40 US$3,770/year
50 US$4,420/year
60 US$4,950/year
70 US$5,360/year
80 US$5,660/year
90 US$5,830/year
100 US$5,890/year
Number of licenses Total annual cost
100+ US$5,890/year
200+ US$8,250/year
300+ US$11,990/year
400+ US$15,320/year
500+ US$18,420/year
600+ US$21,210/year
700+ US$23,710/year
800+ US$25,930/year
900+ US$27,840/year
1,000+ US$29,460/year
  • ・Contracts are renewed automatically every year
  • ・Payment can be made either by credit card of bank transfer
  • ・The number of licenses can be changed when your contract is renewed
  • ・If paying by bank transfer, the number of licenses can be increased mid-contract
  • ・The renewal month for additional contracts will be the same month as the initial contract The amount for the additional licenses will be calculated on a monthly basis up to the end of the original contract period
  • ・Refunds are not available for mid-term cancellations

What Education and Enterprise users are saying

POLE 3D - ICL (France, Art School)

We wanted to use Clip Studio Paint because it was recommended by professionals - illustrators, bande dessinée artists, cartoonists, and people who only work in Webtoon. Besides, there is a course dedicated to the Webtoon illustration sector at the school, so the CSP function is very useful. Although it was a recommendation at first, we found that the ergonomic software is quite practical and students are quite enthusiastic about using the tool!

Hugh Baird College (United Kingdom, School)

The software was used primarily by one of our Media Production students for part of her assignment. The student really liked using this to create her work.

Neustadt Art Kollektiv (Germany, Artists Collective)

I have worked with Adobe programmes for a long time and was looking for an alternative after university. I work a lot with animation and have also given workshops in this area at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden. This is another reason why I'm always on the lookout for alternatives to the usual and often expensive programmes, because my students keep asking for them.

Chuchu Studio (Chile, Illustrator Studio)

Clip Studio lets us keep a well-organized workflow and always provides us a comfortable experience when working long hours.

Volume license FAQ

  • Do I need to log in with my Clip Studio account for volume licenses as well?
  • Yes, both license administrators and users need to log in with their Clip Studio account. Sign up for a new account here.
  • How many licenses can I purchase in a volume license?
  • Administrators can sign up for licenses in units of 10.
  • Can I change the number of licenses?
  • You can increase the number of licenses your organization is entitled to in units of 10.
  • Are there any restrictions on the devices that can be used?
  • No, there isn’t. You can use any combination of Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook devices.
  • You said that each user can use two devices, but are there any limitations on what devices can be used at work/school, as opposed to those that can be used at home?
  • No, there isn’t. You can use device any combination of devices. For example, you could use a Windows PC at work or school and an iPad at home.
  • Is it possible to change the number of licenses my organization is contracted for?
  • The number of licenses can be changed when the contract is renewed. For more information, please contact us using the inquiry form.
  • If I want to add a license before the next contract renewal, will it need a new contract? Or can I add it to an existing contract?
  • If you pay by bank transfer, you can add it to your existing contract. From the next renewal, the additional amount can be paid together with the amount for the original contract.
    The additional charge will be calculated on a monthly basis until the next contract renewal.
    If you pay by credit card, the additional amount will require a new contract, with each contract renewing separately.
    For more information, please contact us using the inquiry form.

    Example: Payment structure for 10 licenses under an existing contract (US$1,180), with an additional 10 licenses added six months later (total of 20 licenses: US$2,120)

    Signed up for 10 licenses on April 1 Annual Cost: US$1,180
    10 more licenses added on October 1
    (6 months until next contract renewal)
    The difference is calculated based on the annual cost for 20 licenses
    US$2,120 / 12 months x 6 months = US$1,060
    Contract renewed with 20 licenses on April 1 of the following year New Total Annual Cost: US$2,120
  • Do I need to apply for a volume license again after the one-year contract period has expired?
  • No, after a year, your subscription is renewed automatically. If you wish to terminate your contract, please contact us at least 30 days prior to its renewal date.
  • What do I receive with my volume licenses?
  • Nothing is sent to volume license customers. The application is available for download by users. Administrative rights for the volume license are granted to the license administrator's Clip Studio account.
  • I would like a manual for Clip Studio Paint.
  • All reference materials can be downloaded as PDF files here. (Note: this page will not display on smartphones. Please use a computer or tablet to view it.) Search for “Instruction Manual”
  • FIs it possible to use volume licenses on a single device that multiple people have access to, for example, in educational institution or commercial facility settings?
  • Yes, it is. When making your initial inquiry, please check the box "I plan to use one device for multiple users”.
  • Is there a guide on bulk managing licenses through the License Management Portal?
  • Yes, there is. You can download the PDF guide here.

If you have any questions about volume licenses, please click the button below to contact us.