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Let's make 2D animations and moving illustrations with CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Create animation!

The Production Process

1Draw each frame, referring to the surrounding pictures in the flipbook area.

The animation process: 1.Drawing each frame

2Color each picture.

The animation process: 2.Coloring each frame

3Set the display order and speed in the timeline.

The animation process: 3.Setting the timeline display order and playback speed

4Done! You can export your work as a movie or as a series of still images.

The animation process: 4.Finishing touches! Exporting as a movie or image sequence

Samples of animation created in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Drawing and coloring functions
that allow you to draw smooth animated motions easily

Pens and brushes with the best feel

The pens and brushes in CLIP STUDIO PAINT have a natural, smooth feel that making drawing comfortable.

Natural, smooth
pen drawing


With features such as a correction function to remove blurring and a function that recreates the variance between strong and weak pen pressure at the ends of lines drawn with a real pen, CLIP STUDIO PAINT produces natural-looking drawings that look just like they were drawn by hand.

Draw smoothly with the line correction and brush stroke functions

Vector drawing
to keep lines neat


Drawing lines in vector format allows you to freely adjust the thickness or transform the lines later. The quality will also not decrease if the lines are scaled up or down.

Change line weight on the fly with vector drawing

Freely customizable
drawing methods


No other program has as many pen and brush settings as CLIP STUDIO PAINT! You can also customize the drawing tools to find the perfect style for you!

Freely customize functions with the subtool properties

Create animations on the iPad, with the best drawing feel.


With a supreme drawing taste supporting the Apple Pencil, animations can be created with the iPad. Apart from the Apple Pencil, the Wacom Bamboo Sketch (iPad version) and Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 (iPad version) are styluses supporting pen pressure.
*In PRO, you can create animations up to 24 frames long (3 seconds if playing 8 frames per second).

Animate anyplace, anytime with an iPad

Functions to help you create smooth motion

You can refer to the surrounding pictures to draw animation with smooth motions.

Light table and centerfold


You can register your pictures to a light table and refer to them while drawing. Simply press a key on the keyboard to check the motion between the pictures, just like flipping through paper drawings.

Set as a light table layer

Onion skin


You can check your animation by viewing the surrounding pictures as translucent layers. Various settings can be specified, such as the number of pictures to be displayed and the color in which they are displayed.


Camera movement


You can add camera movement by setting keyframes on the timeline. When you’re finished, export your movie with the camera movement set up in 2D camera folders.

Camera actions

Animation curve


Camera movements aren’t limited to linear actions; you can finely adjust the position and movement of the camera to follow smooth curves.

Animation curve

movies and CLIP files


Movies and files in CLIP STUDIO PAINT format can be loaded as file objects and used as part of your animation or as a reference for drawing.

Creating file objects



Improve your animations even more with music, sound effects, and dialogue!


Rulers and drawing figures

Handy rulers and drawing figures are included for drafts, allowing accurate, efficient drawing of the many images required for animation.

for elaborate drawings


In addition to rulers for basic drawings, CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a variety of rulers such as a perspective ruler that allows you to add perspective to your backgrounds easily, symmetrical rulers that allow you to draw symmetrical shapes around a line or multiple points (such as 2- or 3-point symmetry) and various others such as a concentric circle ruler. With these rulers you can use brush strokes to create elaborate drawings. CSP is the only program with such a wide range of rulers.

Draw backgrounds and shapes in seconds with the symmetrical ruler

3D drawing figures
with freely changeable proportions and body shape


Pose a 3D drawing figure and use it as a ground for your illustration. You can make changes to the body shape and proportions of CLIP STUDIO PAINT's drawing figures, such as making them thinner or plumper, to create the style you need.

Draw difficult poses with the 3D drawing figure

Quick, neat coloring

CLIP STUDIO PAINT allows you to color quickly and neatly without going outside the lines, producing colored pictures the way you envisioned them.

Quick, clean
color filling


In other software, gaps cause color to be filled outside the intended area. CLIP STUDIO PAINT can close these gaps to fill the right area. You can also surround small unfilled areas and fill them all at once. CLIP STUDIO PAINT allows you to fill areas quickly and cleanly, simply by clicking the [Fill] tool.

The gap closing and filling "Close and Fill"

Select areas


You can create selection areas more efficiently by using CLIP STUDIO PAINT's option to select an area according to an area that has been colored, ignoring small gaps.
There are various functions for efficient coloring. The reference layer function allows you to color according to lines drawn on another layer without going outside the lines, while the quick mask function allows you to create a selection area in a complicated shape by referring to an image.

Make difficult selection areas efficiently



Set the display order and speed in the timeline.
You can play your animation immediately and check the actual motion.

Animation timeline settings

Import and export timeline information


You can export and import your timeline information in an all-purpose format to use in other programs. Read more to learn about supported formats.

▶More information about exposure sheet information formats can be found here.(PDF)

Export your work
for people to see!

Export as
a movie


Export a movie in avi format (when using the Windows version) or QuickTime format (when using the Mac OS X version). You can then post it on a video site.

Export animation as movies Video posting sites

Export as
an animated GIF


Export your work as an animated GIF and post it on social media.

Export as an animated GIF SNS

Export as
a series of still images.


You can export your work as a series of still images. These can be posted on illustration sites or social media.

Export as an image sequence in various formats Twitter, etc

Handy functions to help
you create your animation

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has various handy functions to help you create animation more efficiently.



You can customize settings for your work and workflow, such as the resolution and size of the cel and the layer structure, then register those settings as a template to be used again.

Register common resolutions and cel sizes as templates

Freely customizable
user interface


You can arrange palettes to suit your purpose or workflow, then save the layout so that you can call it again at any time.

Freely customize the user interface

Auto actions


Operations that you perform frequently or repeatedly can be registered as auto actions and performed with one click.

Auto actions that complete complicated operations with one click

Used in
professional production too!

CLIP STUDIO PAINT is used in professional production fields.

Using Other Software with CLIP STUDIO PAINT

You can export animation you have produced as a video or series of still images and use the content in other software.
You'll also be able to enjoy linked features with After Effects in the future.

Using CLIP STUDIO PAINT with other software

Animation production guide

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a guide to the animation production process, based on the production process that is usually used by Japanese animation studios. Turn on subtitles.


Here are some animators who have used CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX to produce their animation.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT in Asahi Production Co., Ltd.

Asahi Production Co., Ltd.

"We used CLIP STUDIO even before the animation features were introduced, to create setting documents and layouts. We found it extremely helpful because there are so many functions to help with drawing, like perspective rulers and highly accurate pens that can express different tones as well as different pen pressures."
CLIP STUDIO PAINT in Asahi Production Co., Ltd.
Most notable work
  1. Ima, Futari no Michi (an informational animation about Miyagi Prefecture's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake)
  2. Attack on Titan Junior High
CLIP STUDIO PAINT in Kamikaze Douga. Co., Ltd.

Kamikaze Douga. Co., Ltd.

Kamikaze Douga used CLIP STUDIO PAINT to produce the new motion graphic animation on the special DVD given to those who purchased all 12 volumes of City Hunter XYZ Edition, the new editions of the City Hunter series.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT in Kamikaze Douga. Co., Ltd.
Most notable work
  1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Battle in Egypt
CLIP STUDIO PAINT in Production I.G, Inc. (C) Saki Nakagawa, Hajime Isayama and Attack on Titan Junior High Production Committee, Kodansha

Production I.G, Inc.

Production I.G uses CLIP STUDIO PAINT for their character design and layout work.
"CLIP STUDIO PAINT is great for drawing lines - we can draw curved lines that look just like they were drawn with a pencil on paper. Lines are the most important part of animation drawings, so CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a very valuable program for us!" (Yuko Yahiro, character designer for Attack on Titan Junior High)
CLIP STUDIO PAINT in Production I.G, Inc. (C) Saki Nakagawa, Hajime Isayama and Attack on Titan Junior High Production Committee, Kodansha
Most notable work
  1. Attack on Titan Junior High

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for Illustration