Draw illustrations more freely with CLIP STUDIO!

The best drawing quality in the industry

Natural, realistic-looking pen strokes

Advanced pen pressure detection function for lines that reflect the pen pressure. With features such as a correction function to remove blurring and a function that recreates the variance between strong and weak pen pressure at the ends of lines drawn with a real pen, even beginners can create smooth lines.

Line correction that supresses shaky lines
Brush settings that add flourishes to the beginning and end of strokes

Recreation of various artistic media

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a variety of drawing tools, including pencils, markers, calligraphy pens and air brushes. This range of tools makes it easy to draw pictures that suit your taste.

Variety of drawing tools of CLIP STUDIO PAINT (markers, calligraphy pens, and air brushes)
Various drawing tools of  CLIP STUDIO PAINT (watercolor, oilpaint, and ink)

Draw complicated patterns with one stroke

CLIP STUDIO PAINT's decoration tools allow you to draw various complicated patterns such as plants, frills and chains with one stroke. There's an extensive range of patterns for you to choose from, including full color patterns.

Efficiently draw backgrounds with the decoration tool
Multiple patterns including full-color are available

Draw vectors
that can be processed and edited without losing quality

Drawing lines on vector layers allows you to perform operations such as changing the line width and scaling up and down after drawing, without losing quality. You can also use handy functions that are only possible with digital drawing software, such as pinching some of the lines and neatly erasing content drawn outside the lines.

Change the line weight and shape of vector lines on the fly with the correct line tool
Delete up to intersections with the vector eraser

Find the right drawing style for you

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a wider range of customization settings than any other graphics software, allowing you to draw just the way you want. You can also download a wide range of pen and brush materials from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS and use them right away. CLIP STUDIO PAINT's wide range of customization options allows you to create your works more quickly.

Freely customize functions with the subtool properties
CLIP STUDI ASSETS materials that can be used in illustrations

Download over 10,000 free materials! You can download free materials from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS to help you make your illustration. You can now share your original materials with the world.

Access more than 10,000 free materials using CLIP STUDIO ASSETS

In complete harmony with the Apple Pencil

The powerful CLIP STUDIO PAINT's drawing engine that makes the best use of Apple Pencil's ability promises the best drawing taste. If you have a PC version, you can continue editing in the usual production environment. In addition to Apple Pencil, there are Wacom Bamboo Sketch (for iPad) and Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 (for iPad) for stylus corresponding to pen pressure.

Draw comics anywhere with an iPad

Achieve professional quality easily with 3D materials and rulers

Ruler for accurate drawings

In addition to rulers for basic drawings, CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a variety of rulers such as a perspective ruler that allows you to add perspective to your backgrounds easily, symmetrical rulers that allow you to draw symmetrical shapes around a line or multiple points (such as 2- or 3-point symmetry) and various others such as a concentric circle ruler, a focus line ruler and a parallel line ruler. You can draw with pen and brush strokes with these rulers as a guide.

Draw backgrounds and shapes in seconds with the symmetrical ruler
Quickly make effect lines with rulers and automatic tools

3D drawing figures
with freely changeable body shape

Pose a 3D drawing figure and use it as a ground for your illustration. You can move each part intuitively with the mouse and import pose materials to create poses with a single action. And of course, since the figures are 3D, you can choose any camera angle.
The drawing figures provided in CLIP STUDIO PAINT can be adjusted to suit your characters' body types by changing the proportions and build.

Draw difficult poses with 3D models
Freely change the body type and proportion of the 3D models

Unique technology for quick, beautiful coloring

Create the colors you want

In addition to the standard color setting palette, color wheel and color slider, CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a wide range of special features allowing you to create the colors you want. Select the Color History to find colors you have used previously, the Intermediate Color palette to create a shade in between up to four colors, or the Approximate Color palette to display colors meeting set conditions such as hue and luminosity.

Color History to find colors you have used previously
Intermediate Color palette to create a shade in between up to four colors, or the Approximate Color palette to display colors meeting set conditions such as hue and luminosity.

You can also acquire drawing colors from outside the canvas, such as a reference image displayed on the Sub View palette or an image displayed in your browser.

Reference colors outside of the canvas
Select colors from the web

Neat, smooth color filling

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has unique functions to help you color more quickly and neatly. You can fill areas with broken lines so that the color does not go out of the lines, and fill in numerous small uncolored areas at once.

The gap closing and filling "Close and Fill"
Paint small unfilled areas

Smooth, beautiful gradients

You can create complicated gradients with multiple colors by using the [Gradient] tool and gradient layers. CLIP STUDIO PAINT also has a [Contour line paint] function that allows you to use gradient coloring to fill an area enclosed by two different line colors.

Edit multi-colored gradients
Easily color with gradients using the countour line painting tool

CLIP STUDIO PAINT's image processing is a cut above the rest

Make as many corrections as you need
with color correction layers

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a wide range of functions for adjusting color aspects such as luminosity, contrast and hue. Color correction layers allow you to process the colors without directly affecting the image, so that if your processing turns out wrong, you can undo it at any time.

Freely adjust illustrations with color adjustment layers

for a greater range of presentation styles

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has various filters such as blurring, sharpening, mosaic and fish-eye lens to increase the quality of your work.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has various filters such as blurring, sharpening, mosaic and fish-eye lens

Import and export files
in Photoshop format

You can import and export files in Photoshop format without losing the layer structure.

Smooth data coordination with other software

Import and export
in CMYK format suitable for printing

Data can be imported and exported in CMYK format suitable for printing, so that no color conversion issues will occur when printing. You can see a preview and check how the colors will look when your work is actually printed.

Both RGB and print-friendly CMYK support

Customized interface to make drawing easier for you

Auto actions allow you
to perform multiple operations at once

Series of operations that you perform frequently can be registered as auto actions and performed with one click.

Auto actions that complete complicated operations with one click

Customize the layout and switch the interface
according to your purpose

You can customize the layout by placing various palettes together or on their own so that you can use them more easily. Layouts created for a particular style (such as for comics or for illustrations) can be saved as a workspace so that you can call these drawing conditions at any time.

Freely change the screen layout
Change interface colors

Optimal interface for touch operations
on a tablet computer

You can switch to an interface optimized for Windows touch operations.
You can use a touch pen to perform operations that cannot be done easily with your finger, including rearranging and resizing palettes and icons.

Screen optimized for Windows touch operations

Learn how to use Clip Studio Paint with our tutorial videos!

On our official Clip Studio YouTube channel, we release videos (with subtitles) explaining how to use the software and the many great features to create your own comics.

Make your own unique works in your unique way

While the default settings already make drawing easy, you can also optimize various settings to suit your work process, allowing you to draw more efficiently and create works that turn out the way you pictured them. Artists from beginners to professionals have created a wide range of works using CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

These are just a few of the features in CLIP STUDIO PAINT that make drawing fun and easy.
Our trial version will give you a chance to see how easy it is to draw in this program that even professionals swear by!


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