Import and move 3D model

You can import and move 3D on canvas and use it as a reference for rough sketch.

You can import other materials by drag and drop on canvas.

  1. Display the [Material] palette.
  2. Select [3D drawing doll] in the materials and drag and drop it on canvas.

    Operations of 3D are with [Object].  Check the below methods for the basic operations.

  3. Select [Object] in the [Operation] tool and move 3D model and camera angle.

Operation with Movement Manipulator

Drag the icon, then you can move 3D model and camera.
(From left)

Translate camera
Rotate camera
Move camera back and forth
Move 3D material
Rotate 3D material vertically
Rotate 3D material horizontally
Snap 3D material to base

Operations on canvas


Drag canvasRotate camera
Right-drag canvasMove camera back and forth
Wheel-drag canvasMove camera horizontally
Drag partsMove parts
Click partsMove parts
Right-click partsFix parts