License Registration

CLIP STUDIO PAINT verifies the serial number and has an access to our server for license registration at the initial activation. Under the conditions shown below CLIP STUDIO PAINT is activated with some functions restricted.
It is possible to register for the full featured trial version at a later date, with either a serial number or by completing the trial registration.

(1) You selected [Use trial version] when activating CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

(2) You selected [Do not verify this time] or clicked the [Cancel] button on the [License verification] screen.

(3) The validity date of a product with a predefined expiration date, including 12 months, 24 months, etc. has expired.

(4) When the trial registration for the trial version expires:
When the trial version exceeds its 30-day limit, the dialog below will appear.

(5) When the limited-time trials that come with products expire:
When the 3-month, 12-month or 24-month limited-time trials exceed its trial period, the dialog below will appear.

Using the Full Functionalities

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX/PRO download version can be purchased from here

Functional Restrictions

  1. “Save” and “Save as” and "Save Duplicate" are disabled.
  2. The export function is disabled.
  3. The “Batch import” function is disabled.
  4. “Scan”, “Continuous scan” and “Select Scan Device” is disabled. [EX]
  5. “Print” and “Print settings” are disabled.
  6. “Copy”, “Cut” and “Paste” are disabled.
  7. Some features related to material registration cannot be used. [EX/PRO]
    “Material registration”, “Register a sub tool as material”, “Register color set as material”, “Register (Auto actions) set as a material”, “Register a workspace as a material”
  8. “Material Property” is disabled.
  9. “Replace page”, “Add Page”, “Add Page (Detail)”, “Import Page”, “Duplicate Page”, “Delete Page”, “Combine Pages”, “Split Pages”, “Change basic page settings”, “Change basic work settings”, “Batch Process” are disabled. [EX]
  10. Some file object functions cannot be used such as "Convert layer to file object" and "Paste as file object".
  11. “Open” ComicStudio story file (.cst) or CLIP STUDIO storyboard file (.csnf) are disabled. [EX]
  12. Filter plugins that users create will be disabled.
  13. It is not possible to output files for OpenToonz scenes. [EX]


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