CLIP STUDIO Quick Manual


Windows/macOS version

After launching, the "CLIP STUDIO START" screen will be displayed. Application and service information can be checked here.
Upon startup, choose whether to download additional materials from the cloud.
(Downloading may take some time to complete, depending on the connection status etc.)
Please download these at an appropriate time, following the instructions.

*Depending on your OS or version, the layout and functions may differ. Please update to the latest version.

Side menu

(1) Application launcher

Starts the software. In the iOS version, "Return to PAINT" will be displayed, closing the "CLIP STUDIO" dialog after selection.

(2) Manage

Error messages

The following message may be displayed when editing materials: "Material database is being used right now, so this command cannot be executed. Please wait for a while and try it again."
This is displayed when materials are edited while the material is updating.
To solve this, try editing at a later time, or close all running CLIP STUDIO software and try again.

[ASSETS] "Acquire latest information" Button

The latest information on the displayed material (material catalog) will be retrieved from "CLIP STUDIO ASSETS".
An icon will be displayed when an update is available.

(3) Services

(4) Export/Publish *Windows/macOS version only

This section links to services and functions for printing and publishing your work.

Menu bar

(1) CLIP STUDIO Button

Displays the start-up screen.

(2) Login (Button displaying the user name when logging in)

Displays the menu related to CLIP STUDIO account information.

(3) Cloud bar

Shows used capacity of the cloud.
If you click this, the "Cloud" menu will display. You can use this menu to back up or restore application settings. For more information about the cloud, please read the "User's Guide to the Cloud".
* You cannot back up or recover application settings on the iPad version.

(4) Communication (left and right arrow icon)

Displays the status of any data transfer (upload/download) being executed.

(5) Announcements (bell icon)

Displays the notification menu for news, notifications etc.

(6) Settings (Gear icon)

Displays the settings menu. The menu varies depending on the OS.

Windows/macOS version

iOS Version (iPad Version)

(7) Help (? Icon)

Displays help information.