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Operations on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


This is to inform you on the status of support for CLIP STUDIO PAINT to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
It has been confirmed that there are no problems with basic operations.

About the marks

... Primary operations such as program launch, drawing, and saving have been confirmed to be error-free.
... Currently being examined for operational errors.

Status for checking operations

Product Version Status Note
1.6.8 *1

*1 The zoom lag issue has been varified. The solution is listed in FAQs.

*Confirmation of the following problems with Ver.1.6.7.

  1. Operating with a modifier key + a stylus pen causes coordinate disturbances, when selecting the [TabletPC] option in the [File] menu → [Preferences] → [Tablet] → [Using tablet service].
  2. When using a tablet PC, and selecting [WinTab] within the [File] menu → [Preferences] → [Tablet] → [Using tablet service] and at the same time, when the [Switch use of touch operation with finger] is enabled, the stylus pen is recognized the same as a finger.
  3. The [Object] tool can not be operated with the stylus pen for 3D layers.