Learn about Clip Studio Paint's features for different types of art!

Concept Art & Painting

Custom Brushes - Clip Studio Paint features

Custom Brushes

Customizable 3D References - Clip Studio Paint features

Customizable 3D References

Gradient Maps - Clip Studio Paint features

Gradient Maps

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Character Art

3D model & AI posing - Clip Studio Paint features

3D model & AI posing

Sophisticated fill tools - Clip Studio Paint features

Sophisticated fill tools

Decoration brushes - Clip Studio Paint features

Decoration brushes

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Illustration for Design

Vector line with a hand-drawn feel - Clip Studio Paint features

Vector line with a hand-drawn feel

Special rulers - Clip Studio Paint features

Special rulers

Brushes for every taste - Clip Studio Paint features

Brushes for every taste

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Comics, Manga & Webtoons

Realistic pens & brushes - Clip Studio Paint features

Realistic pens & brushes

Balloons with personality - Clip Studio Paint features

Balloons with personality

Effect & saturated lines in an instant - Clip Studio Paint features

Effect & saturated lines in an instant

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Vector lines with a hand-drawn feel - Clip Studio Paint features

Vector lines with a hand-drawn feel

Onion skin function - Clip Studio Paint features

Onion skin function

Customizable camerawork - Clip Studio Paint features

Customizable camerawork

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Ver. 3.0 Feature Highlights

Enhanced 3D features

  • Easily attach hats, shoes, and more to 3D models and move them all together using hierarchical settings
  • Adjust the upper and lower arms, as well as the upper and lower legs, individually. You can also change body shape by adjusting hip height and shoulder thickness
  • Improved operability of 3D drawing figures (pose symmetry)
  • Integration with 3D Pose Site POSEMANIACS
  • Import in VRM formats
  • Support for 3D Objects with Shape Keys
  • Import normal maps

Improved finishing/processing features

  • Select multiple grid points and increase the number of divisions for more control during Mesh Transformation
  • Color Match allows you to intuitively change colors by setting images and gradations for target colors
  • New Filters added! Make your work shine online with the Retro Film Filter, or get a hand-drawn feel with the Pencil Drawing Filter

Features to improve your workflow

  • Make different layers hidden or visible at once by using layer comps to easily create different variations. You can also export all layer comps at once.

Improved text features

  • You can now use a font ideal for comics, manga, and webtoons that incorporates artist feedback and was developed jointly with Iwata Co., Ltd.
  • Arrange text more freely with justify, alignment, kerning, and circular layouts
  • Font search

Improved animation features

  • Adding or deleting layers can be done intuitively within animation folders
  • Playback audio tracks on your timeline to match animation movement and sound without needing to play through the footage to check
  • Export animated GIFs with transparent backgrounds

Enhanced import/export features

  • Save your frequently used settings as presets and use them to export your work
  • Set an image of your choice as a watermark when exporting images and timelapses
  • You can now import and export in WebP format, the lightweight file format used for web pages

Improved interface

  • View all images registered to Sub View as a list
  • Create on a wider screen with simple UI on tablets and smartphones

Release of Clip Studio Tabmate 2

  • Streamline your workflow with our handheld shortcut device, now compatible with iPadOS and iOS