Upgrade to Clip Studio Paint EX at a special price!
CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX special price

Users who own a single-payment license of Clip Studio Paint PRO for Windows/macOS can upgrade to our highest grade, Clip Studio Paint EX, at only the difference in price between the two!

Ends December 31

Buy Ver. 1 now and get Ver. 2 for free on release in March next year!

・Ver. 2 will be full of brand new features!
・Regular pricing of upgrades to the one-time purchase version of Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1 to Ver. 2 will be $19.99 for PRO and $56.99 for EX from March 2023.
So buy the download version for Windows or macOS now  to take advantage of this introductory offer and claim Version 2 for free on release!

Packed full of new features!

Exclusive features of Clip Studio Paint EX

Clip Studio Paint EX's 2D/3D conversion function allows you to convert photos and 3D models into line art and tone layers.


Clip Studio Paint EX allows you to manage all pages of a multi-page project in one place, allowing you to view the entire project as you create it. Furthermore, you can add pages, change page order, and switch between two-page spreads and single-page spreads by simply dragging and dropping.

Export your work files in Kindle format and easily publish your comics to the Amazon Kindle store using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
Note: Kindle format export is available on Windows devices only. For macOS, check the [Kindle Format] option when you export from [Export EPUB data] to obtain Kindle format data.


Clip Studio Paint EX has a teamwork feature that allows users to collaborate online with their team members to create multi-paged work. Team members can work in the same project on individual pages, not only on Windows and macOS, but also on tablets and smartphones.


Select “Webtoon” from the New dialog box to help you merge all the pages to preview your work vertically, and to have an export menu that is suitable for webtoons at the ready.


Recognized for its outstanding rendering quality, Clip Studio Paint EX is used by 2D animation studios around the world as an integral part of their animation process.

See more features of Clip Studio Paint EX

You can learn the techniques of artists who use Clip Studio Paint EX. Find out how to use comics, animation, 3D figures, and other EX-only features.

Compare differences

Functions DEBUT PRO EX
Single page illustrations and comics

Color/black-and-white illustrations and comics

*Some functions are not available in DEBUT.
Multi-page comics/manga & illustrations Manage multiple pages in a single file    
Vector layers Draw directly on vector layers to maintain the quality of your lines after scaling or transforming  
Natural and customizable pen and brush tools Customize every drawing tool.  
Animation tools

Create animated illustrations or full-length animations.

*In PRO and DEBUT, you can create animations up to 24 frames long (3 seconds at 8fps).
* *
Convert images and 3D models into lines and dot shading You can easily use images and 3D models for comics or design work by converting them into lines and screentones.    
Print and export multi-page documents

Print or export your multi-page files in a range of formats.

Number of materials

PRO and EX offer the same amount of materials. Some materials are not available in DEBUT.


How to purchase Clip Studio Paint EX at a discounted price


Please have your Clip Studio Paint PRO serial number ready. It can be found in your purchase confirmation email.

Your serial number is a 30-digit alphanumeric code beginning with SP.



Click Buy from our discounted price page.



Enter your serial number and purchase CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX from the special purchase page.

Buy now and get Version 2 on launch!

Upgrade to Clip Studio Paint EX for a free update to Clip Studio Paint EX Ver. 2.0 when it drops in March 2023.
Offer ends December 31! Don’t miss out! Find out more here.


For users who own a Clip Studio Paint license bundled with a Wacom tablet

The limited edition of Clip Studio Paint PRO included with Wacom products cannot be upgraded to EX. To upgrade to EX, please purchase the single-payment version of Clip Studio Paint PRO before applying for the upgrade.
Two types of discounts are available for the limited edition of Clip Studio Paint included with Wacom products. The offers vary depending on the type and timing of your purchase. Please refer to the following page for details.

Discounted Price for Clip Studio Paint PRO for Windows/macOS One-time Purchase (Download Version)
Discounted Price for Clip Studio Paint PRO Monthly Usage Plans