The app for aspiring professionals in 2D animation, illustration, and comics

Clip Studio Paint is a graphics app that's loved by professionals for 2D animation, illustration, and comics.

Professionals across various industries use our software for the feel of our brushes, which are highly customizable and versatile. And they love our specialized features such as perspective rulers, color mixing palette, auto-shading, 3D models, and more.

Clip Studio Paint offers the best way for you to speed up your students’ development and broaden their field of possibilities with skills they can use in real industry work.

Olof Storm

The industry standard

Clip Studio Paint is the industry standard used by animation studios, the game industry, DC Comics, Webtoon studios, and comic artists worldwide.

Unique features that support developing artists

Enjoy unrivalled features that will help your students grow. Unique features like 3D drawing figures that help with poses and auto-shading that gives hints on where to shade.

Fun and educational services

Learn from other creators with Tips articles and access a library of thousands of materials to download from Assets. Our various services make learning more fun.

At school or at home

Each user can use up to two devices, so students can keep learning even outside of the classroom. Usable on any combination of devices, including PCs and tablets.

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Chosen by animators all over the world

Animate with the feel of a real pencil on paper. Get access to and learn all the same tools that animation studios use in one app. You can even expand your drawings to 4K resolution without losing quality by saving them as vector data.

Animator: Olof Storm

Vector lines allow you to freely manipulate shape and width and do not pixelate when being scaled.

Mastering vector layers >

Check movement with features like light table and onion skin.

Hand-drawn animation >

A variety of diverse shots are possible by changing your camerawork to match the movement of objects. Add, adjust, and mix multiple music tracks, sound effects, and voices.

Add camera movement and speech to animation >

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Case Study: Yoyogi Animation Academy

An animation and entertainment vocational school founded in 1978, it has produced over 120,000 graduates who are involved in the production of nearly all animation that broadcasts in Japan.

Clip Studio Paint is used in its animation, illustration, and manga departments, using a total of 500 licenses.

Proven Track Record by Professionals

Ghost Tale

Watch tutorial >

Manuel López
(worked for Cartoon Network, DreamworksTV)

Watch webinar >

Juaco Garin (ARTAN Animation)

Read testimonial >

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Game / Concept Art

Become a professional illustrator for games or movies

Clip Studio Paint is the ideal app for game and movie illustration and concept art. It features the tools necessary to speed up and refine your work with unique features that are invaluable to professionals.
Artists especially love the smooth feel and variety of our brushes.

Concept Artist: Juan Roldan

Enjoy the tens of thousands of high-quality free materials, including brushes with the texture of real art materials, to level up your art game.

Basic Digital Coloring and Brush Adjustments >

Draw difficult poses with 3D drawing figures and use a 3D head model reference to help draw the faces of the characters you want to draw.

Introduction to the basics of the 3D Materials >

Draw more efficiently with a smart fill tool and auto-shading.

Mastering the fill tool >, Shading Assist >

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Case Study: SEGA

The artwork for Sega’s online RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2, was created in Clip Studio Paint.

Art director Daizo Kimura tells us why he chooses Clip Studio Paint for his work and how he uses it.

“Clip Studio Paint thinks first and foremost about the individual user drawing with a pen in hand while offering efficient tools invaluable for working in a team. It is indispensable to us.”

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Proven Track Record by Professionals

“League of Legends” Concept Artist

Surendra Rajawat

“Godzilla” Concept Artist

Kouji Tajima

“Fortnite” Concept Artist

Roberto Gatto

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The tool for comic, manga, and webtoon production

With multi-page management, paneling tools, effect lines, speech ballon tools, rulers and more, Clip Studio Paint has all the features you need for comic creation.
Learn everything about comic production, from black and white comics for print to full color comics for the web.

Comic Arist/ Storyboard Artist: mewTripled

With features specialized for comic production, such as paneling tools, speech bubbles, and effect lines, it has all you need for your entire comic process, in one app.

Monochrome Manga Guide >

Color quickly with a smart fill tool and auto-shading.

Mastering the fill tool >, Shading Assist >

View all your project pages at once and preview it on your smartphone to check your story flow and how the final product will be displayed.

Creating Multi-page Files > , Handy features for webtoons >

See more comic features

Case Study: Shueisha Shonen Jump Editorial Department

Shueisha’s editorial department for Shonen Jump held a seminar for new Shonen Jump manga artists on how to use Clip Studio Paint for digital drawing, from the basics to an entire work process, including pen and brush settings. 

We hold seminars for publishers and professional artists to show how to use and introduce Clip Studio Paint for digital drawing.

Proven Track Record by Professionals

DC Comic Artist Dave Gibbons


Marvel Comic Artist Dylan Teague

Webtoon Artist Miyuli

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Volume License Education Plan

Plans for educational institutions can be used on tablets, PCs, and smartphones and also can be used at home

Use it at school or at home!

Each user can use up to two devices, so students can keep learning even outside of the classroom.

Free trial

Try out the app for 30 days in the environment of your choice, for free.

Flexible options

Flexible contracts can be tailored to your needs, from one-year contracts with low starting costs to multi-year contracts.

Note: If you would like to be an educational monitor for us, we can provide you with Clip Studio Paint Debut licenses, which offer all basic illustration features in the app.

Please let us know if you are interested.

Benefits of Volume Licenses

1. Use it in the classroom as well as at home for independent study 

  • Two devices can be used per user: one at home and one at school 

  • Use it on any combination of supported devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS, or Chromebook

  • Use the admin panel to manage licenses when students graduate 

  • Licenses are activated online (an internet connection is needed to use our licenses)

  • You can use the app for 30 days to try it out in your operating environment. Please contact us with the subject “I want a test license” here

2. Licenses are managed through a dedicated management portal, making it easy to manage

  • Invite users, stop their license and check their usage all in one license management window

  • Retrieve licenses from students or employees who are no longer using them

  • You can also try out the license management page for 30 days for free

  • Please contact us with the subject “I want a test license” here

  • When you sign up let us know what Clip Studio account you would like to have as the admin

3. Plans personalized for your needs, with a discounted price

  • Users can apply for five licenses at a time and add to the plan in multiples of five

  • Volume licenses let you use the app for a discounted price, as well as manage the licenses for a single institution

  • Use different combinations of devices to use where you need them

  • Subscriptions will be charged by the year, reducing start-up costs

  • You can sign up for a single year or multiple years at once with no auto-renewal. Reach out to us to find the perfect plan for you

  • Add licenses to your contract as you need them

What Makes Volume Licenses Different


Clip Studio Paint licenses for individuals

Plans for educators and businesses

Illustration, animation, comic features



50,000+ free downloadable materials and brushes



Tutorials and community services



10 GB cloud storage



Multi-device compatibility



License management screen



The ability for multiple people to use it on a device



One license that can be used on two devices



Volume discount proportional to the number of licenses



Contracts without auto-renewal and multi-year contracts



Celsys user support via email



Usage/Introduction seminar *Consultation for a fee



Free trial



Case Studies

2 million students and teachers in 1,600 high schools across California use Clip Studio Paint

Over 4.5 million students in nearly 10,000 educational institutions throughout Texas use Clip Studio Paint

Used in KCA International Edutainment schools in Asia

Schools that use Clip Studio Paint

Price List


Number of licenses Total annual cost
5 US$590/year
10 US$1,180/year
15 US$1,770/year
20 US$2,120/year
25 US$2,650/year
30 US$3,000/year
35 US$3,500/year
40 US$3,770/year
50 US$4,420/year
60 US$4,950/year
70 US$5,360/year
80 US$5,660/year
90 US$5,830/year
100 US$5,890/year

Over 100 licenses

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Number of licenses Total annual cost
5 US$169.95/year
10 US$339.90/year
15 US$509.85/year
20 US$679.80/year
25 US$849.75/year
30 US$1,019.70/year
35 US$1,189.65/year
40 US$1,359.60/year
50 US$1,699.50/year
60 US$2,039.40/year
70 US$2,379.30/year
80 US$2,719.20/year
90 US$3,059.10/year
100 US$3,399.00/year

Over 100 licenses

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  • Contracts are renewed automatically every year if they have an auto-renewal

  • Payment can be made either by credit card of bank transfer

  • Refunds are not available for mid-term cancellations

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Product Specs / FAQ

Product Specs

  • Always use the latest version of Clip Studio Paint EX/PRO

  • You can use any combination of  Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook devices

  • An Internet connection is required for activation 

  • To manage and use the software, you must be logged in with a free Clip Studio account

  • Please contact us if you are using a device with software that restores to default settings after use, or if multiple users are using a single device

  • Not available on devices where documents (Windows or macOS) are stored on a server

  • As this is a downloadable product, we do not deliver discs or manuals

  • Download Clip Studio Paint here

  • Tap here for how Clip Studio Paint operates on each device


  • Do I need to log in with my Clip Studio account for volume licenses as well?
  • Yes, both license administrators and users need to log in with their Clip Studio account. Sign up for a new account here.
  • What is the minimum number of licenses needed for a volume license?
  • You need to buy at least five licenses and you can add to the plan in multiples of five.
  • Can I change the number of licenses?
  • You can add more licenses to your plan at any time. You can subtract licenses from your plan during contract renewal. When you add licenses, the way that you pay for them will be different depending on whether it is added to your existing contract or a new contract.
    Please feel free to contact us through the contact form for more details.
  • Are updates with additional features available?
  • Volume licenses will always be eligible to receive all updates released while subscribed.
  • Are there any restrictions on what devices volume licenses can be used on?
  • No. For example, during a ten-license contract, you can use any combination of 5 iPads, 3 for Windows, 2 for macOS, etc. Each license can be used on two devices. For example, using a Windows PC at school and an iPad at home.
  • Do I need to apply for a volume license again after the one-year contract period has expired?
  • No, your subscription will be automatically renewed after one year, so you do not need to sign up again.
  • What do I receive with my volume licenses?
  • You will also receive the following information with the volume license. Nothing is physically mailed to you.
    - License codes
    - URL for the administrator management screen
    Download the app and manual below
    - App download
    - Clip Studio Paint instruction manual
    - Guide for the administrator screen
  • Is it possible to use volume licenses on a single device that multiple people have access to, for example, in educational institution or commercial facility settings?
  • Yes, it is. When making your initial inquiry, please check the box "I plan to use one device for multiple users”.
  • I am considering using the app in a class for students. Are there any guides that I can use for the class?
  • Lesson plan ideas are available here for your reference.
  • Do you provide support for installation and usage?
  • Yes, we offer free technical support via email. Please feel free to contact us.
  • What payment methods are available?
  • We accept bank transfers and credit card payments.
  • How do I cancel automatic renewal?
  • If you wish to cancel automatic renewal for your contract, please contact us at least 30 days prior to its renewal date.
    Once the contract is terminated, no additional costs will be incurred.

Contact us for more info or to try it out

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