What is an Evangelist?

Evangelists are Clip Studio Paint experts passionate about creating an active and supportive creative community through our services and social media.

What do they do?

Evangelists are requested to do the following as much as possible.

Participate in trials

This includes trying out new features under development and participating in surveys. Please note that requests of this type are infrequent.


Please send us any feedback regarding improvements or requests you have while using Clip Studio Paint.

Answer questions in Clip Studio Ask

Please post answers to user questions and guide them to support.

Who we are looking for

Creators from countries and regions all over the world, including Clip Studio ASK MVPs, work with us as Evangelists to better represent the voice of our users. We are looking for even more users to join us as evangelists so that we can continue to hear from creators from a wider range of genres, age groups, countries, and regions. We welcome those who wish to work with us to make Clip Studio Paint and creative pursuits more enjoyable. Note: MVP status is awarded according to criteria from those who have submitted many answers on Clip Studio Ask.

Evangelist Benefits

  • Try new features first! You can try new features that will be added before they are released.
  • Communicate directly with the development team! You can send questions and requests directly to our developers in a dedicated chat group. Feel free to let us know what you have noticed during your daily use. Many features that have been implemented in the past were based on the opinions of evangelists.
  • We’re recruiting official Evangelists! You can serve as an official Clip Studio Paint Evangelist. We will provide an Evangelist badge that you can add to your social media and blog.

Verified Evangelist badge for social media and blogs

- I feel I'm giving back to a community that helped me a lot when I started learning digital art, because I'm helping in improving Clip Studio Paint.

Lennybunny : Freelance artist

- Being an Evangelist allows me to have more in-depth and first-hand understanding of the software and make suggestions on how features can be improved. It also puts me in a room with other like-minded people, and it is eye opening to see differently the software can be used.

TheOneWithBear : Artist

- As an evangelist I have the opportunity to follow the software updates directly from the developers and sometimes contribute with suggestions for usability improvements and new features.
The fact that there's no pressure to promote and over-sell the software on my social media keeps me wanting to contribute to the Evangelist program, recommending the product as long as I really enjoy using it.

DADOtronic : Independent Visual Artist

How to become an Evangelist

Note: Please allow up to three weeks from when you applied for us to respond.
Note: We will contact you at the email address provided during application.

We are looking forward to your applications.

Evangelist Application Form

Submission Guidelines

What is an Evangelist?

  • ・Evangelists are Clip Studio Paint experts who are passionate about creating an active creative community through our services and social media.
  • ・They work with us as much as they can by trying out new features, filling out surveys, and answering user questions and directing users to support on Clip Studio Ask.
  • ・Evangelists can also send questions and requests to our development team.


  • ・Those who are proficient in Clip Studio Paint and use it on a regular basis
  • ・Those who can be contacted and can communicate regularly
  • ・Those who understand the purpose of Evangelists and the guidelines about posting and behavior
  • ・Those who can sign a letter of consent

We are especially looking for users who meet the following:

  • ・Those who use their smartphones to create artwork
  • ・Native speakers of Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese

We are looking forward to your applications.

Evangelist Application Form

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