List of Functions (Detailed)

Updated: March 14, 2024

Key: : Included () Included with some limitations : Not included

Tool palette
Sub tool palette ()*2
Tool property palette
Brush size palette
Sub tool detail palette
Color wheel palette
Color slider palette
Color set palette
Color Mixing Palette
Color history palette
Intermediate color palette / Approximate color palette
Layer palette
Search layer palette
Layer property palette
Navigator palette
Animation cels palette
Timeline palette
Item bank palette
Sub view palette
Material palette ()*3
History palette
Information palette
Auto action palette
Align / Distribute palette (Ver. 2.0)
All sides view palette
Quick access palette ()*14
Layer Comps palette (Ver. 3.0) ()*24 ()*24
Zoom tool
Move tool Hand / Rotate
Operation tool Object / Select layer / Light table / Edit timeline
Move layer tool
Selection area tool Rectangle / Ellipse / Lasso / Polyline / Selection pen / Erase selection / Shrink selection
Selection Launcher
Selection Launcher customization
Auto select tool
Eyedropper tool
Pen tool *1
Pencil tool *1
Brush tool
Airbrush tool *1
Decoration tool
Eraser tool
Blend tool Blend, Blur / Finger tip / Painterly blender / Wet bleed blender / Textured blender
Copy stamp
Fill tool Refer only to editing layer / Refer other layers / Enclose and fill / Paint unfilled area (Closed area fill)
Gradient tool
Freeform gradient tool
Figure tool Straight line / Curve, Polyline / Continuous curve / Bezier curve / Lasso fill / Rectangle / Ellipse / Polygon
Speed lines tool Scattered speed lines/ Dark speed lines / Gloom / Rain
Focus lines tool Scattered focus lines / Dark focus lines (curve) / Dense focus lines / Brightness / Burst
Frame border tool Rectangle frame / Polyline frame / Frame border pen
Divide frame folder / Divide frame border
Ruler tool Linear ruler / Curve ruler / Figure ruler / Ruler pen / Guide / Perspective ruler / Symmetrical ruler
Fisheye perspective ruler (Ver. 2.0)
Special ruler (Parallel line / Parallel curve / Multiple curve / Radial line / Radial curve / Concentric circle / Guide)
Text tool Text ()*4
Balloon tool Rounded balloon / Ellipse balloon / Curve balloon / Balloon pen / Balloon tail / Thought balloon tail
Flash tool Flash pattern / Flash / Dense flash, Sea urchin flash / Firework
Correct line tool Control point / Pinch vector line, Simplify vector line / Connect vector lines / Adjust line width / Redraw vector line / Redraw vector line width
Remove dust tool Remove dust / Fill leftover / Select dust
Raster layer
Vector layer
3D layer
Image material layer
Gradient layer
Fill layer
Correction layer Brightness/Contrast / Hue/Saturation/Luminosity / Posterization / Reverse Gradient / Level Correction / Tone Curve / Color balance / Binarization
Gradient map
Frame border layer
Selection layer
Balloon and text layers ()*5
File object layer
Foil layer
Realistic mixing (Ver. 2.0)
Dual brush ()*22
Color Jitter ()*22
Register multiple brush tip shapes
Import Photoshop brushes (extension: .abr)
Window & Display Features
Rotate canvas to any angle / Flip canvas vertically or horizontally
Zoom In/Zoom Out / Smooth continuous zoom (0.8–3200%)
View at print size
Show rulers/guides
Show grid
Show crop marks
Display transparent area
Reset or switch workspace ()*6
Customizable toolbar
Hide title bar / Hide menu bar
Display in CMYK color
Color theme settings for windows
Color settings (Color picker) ()*10
Smart Smoothing
Remove tones (Technology preview) *16
Colorize (Technology preview) *16 *16 *16
Outline Selection
Blur selection area
Quick mask
Tonal correction Brightness/Contrast / Hue/Saturation/Luminosity / Level correction
Tone curve / Posterization / Reverse gradient / Color balance / Binarization
Gradient map
Import Photoshop Gradient file (extension: .grd)
Color Match (Ver. 3.0)
Transform Scale/Rotate / Scale / Rotate / Free transform / Distort / Skew / Perspective / Flip vertical / Flip horizontal
Mesh transformation
Save rotation of canvas
Change image resolution and canvas size
Register image as material
Pick screen color *12 *12 *12
Shading Assist (Ver. 2.0) *10
Opacity settings
Sort layers in folders
Merge layers
Settings for edge thickness and color
Screen tones
Watercolor edge
Layer color
Blending modes Normal / Darken / Multiply / Color burn / Linear burn / Subtract / Lighten / Screen / Color dodge / Glow dodge / Add / Add (Glow) / Overlay / Soft light / Hard light / Difference / Vivid light / Linear light / Pin light / Hard mix / Exclusion / Darker color / Lighter color / Divide / Hue / Saturation / Color / Brightness / Through
Texture effects
Layer masks
Link ruler to layer
Layer settings Set as reference layer
Clip to layer below
Lock layer
Lock transparent area
Draft attribute settings
Selection from layer
Convert layer Convert raster layers to vector layers
Rasterize layer
Transfer image to lower layer
Change brush tip shape/brush size /line color
Edit line using control points
Move, add, and delete control points / Switch corners
Adjust line width and density
Vector magnet / Connect vector lines
Redraw vector line width / Redraw vector line
Show vector paths
Copy vectors as SVG
Blur Blur / Blur (Strong) / Gaussian blur / Smoothing
Spin blur (Ver. 2.0)
Radial blur / Motion blur
Sharpen Sharpen / Sharpen More
Unsharp mask
Effect Remove jpeg noise / Mosaic / Artistic
Pencil drawing (Ver. 3.0)
Retro film (Ver. 3.0)
Chromatic aberration (Ver. 3.0)
Noise (Ver. 3.0)
Normal map (Ver. 3.0)
Distort Pinch / Zigzag / Curved surface / Polar coordinates / Ripple / Wave / Twirl / Fish-eye lens
Filters for lens distortion (Ver. 2.0) / panoramas (Ver. 2.0)
Render Perlin noise (cloud pattern)
Correction Adjust line width
Remove dust
Text tool ()
Transform (Scale/Rotate, Scale, Rotate, Skew, Scale/Rotate/Skew)
Line space settings
Support for character spacing / Italic / Outlined characters
Add font from files
Mixing font (Text style settings)
Character list (Select and insert external characters and symbols)
Add character reading
In-line input
PSD Text Layer Export
Story editor
Creation Support Features
3D drawing figures to support creators Change the head-to-body ratio/body shape of 3D drawing figures
Add natural poses within the range of human motion
Intuitive hand posing
Easily create manga-style perspectives
Select and change poses and angles from a list
Import pose materials (.pep)
Register body shape materials
3D background models to support creators Select and change layout and angles from a list
Create backgrounds and objects with 3D Primitives
Place people, furniture, small objects, and panoramas in a 3D background
Simple drawing with 3D characters Import and pose 3D characters
Change facial expression, hair style, clothing, and accessories
3D head model (Ver. 2.0) *10
3D object material registration (Ver. 2.2)
Hand pose scanner (Ver. 2.0)
Pose Scanner (image) (Technology preview) *16 *16 *16
Operate and pose 3D drawing models using QUMARION *12 *12 *12
Convert 2D images to lines and tones
Convert 3D images to lines and tones
3D Layout 3D Snap / Aligned copy
3D rendering settings
3D physical settings
POSEMANIACS integration (Ver. 3.0)
Manage multi-page works
Page Manager
View as two-page spread or single page / Align crop marks
Change binding point and start page
Settings for folio and page numbers
Manage work information
Sort page file names
Manage group work *12
Export multiple pages
Print multiple pages *12
Printing support for fanzines
Webtoon features Export webtoon
Page display mode
Basic work settings
()*11 ()*11
Crop / Extend canvas (Ver. 2.0)
Export in Kindle format *17
Export EPUB
Import and export PDF
Animated illustrations and animations *7
Camera movement
Create and edit keyframes
Animation curve
Light table
Create and edit timeline
Onion skin view
Create and edit timelines and track labels
Create templates for moving illustrations
Create or import templates for animations
Export image sequences, animated GIFs, animated stickers (APNG), and movies
Import and export audio
Export animation cels and exposure sheet
OpenToonz Scene File *12
Audio Scrubbing (Ver. 3.0)
Edit files made in ibisPaint
Import Image from Scanner *12 *12 *12
Camera *13 *13 *13
Print *12 *12 *12
Online platform for friction-free posting and downloading of materials *15 *15 *15
Auto actions
Companion mode
Compatible with CLIP STUDIO TABMATE 2 (Ver. 3.0) *23 *23 *23
Compatible with CLIP STUDIO TABMATE *19 *19 *19
Compatible with Tab-Mate Controller *12 *12 *12
Compatible with QUMARION *12 *12 *12
Support for touch control *9
Layer templates / Framing templates
Backup and recovery of software settings *8
Adjust pen pressure settings
Compatible with Surface Dial *17
Compatible with Sidecar *18
Canvas recovery
Link with Toei Animation Digital Exposure Sheet *20
  1. *1 The effect made by the Dodge and Burn tools that were available in Manga Studio can be achieved by setting the Blending mode of the pen, pencil, airbrush, or gradient tools.
  2. *2 The options “Create custom sub tool”, “Import/Export sub tool”, and “Register sub tool as material” are not available in DEBUT.
  3. *3 “Register Image as Material” is not available in DEBUT.
  4. *4 Some functions are not available in DEBUT. For more details, please see the Text section.
  5. *5 Balloon layers are not available in DEBUT.
  6. *6 Switch workspace is not available in DEBUT.
  7. *7 Animations of up to 24 frames (3 seconds long at 8 frames per second) can be made in PRO and DEBUT.
  8. *8 A Clip Studio account is required to back up or recover software settings.
  9. *9 Requires a touch-enabled PC running Windows 8.1 or later or an iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android, or touch-enabled Chromebook device.
  10. *10 Some functions are not available in DEBUT.
  11. *11 Some functions are not available in PRO/DEBUT.
  12. *12 Not available on the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, or Chromebook versions.
  13. *13 Not available on Windows or macOS versions.
  14. *14 Only available on Smartphones.
  15. *15 Some functions are not available on the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, or Chromebook versions.
  16. *16 This function transmits an image to a server with an installed AI module which then automatically processes the image. A network connection is necessary in order to use this function.
  17. *17 Only available on the Windows version.
  18. *18 Only available on the macOS version.
  19. *19 Not available on the iPad, iPhone, or Chromebook versions.
  20. *20 Only available on the Windows and iPad versions.
  21. *21 Drawing results of imported Photoshop brushes may differ from those of Photoshop.
  22. *22 Functions displayed in the Tool Property palette are available on DEBUT.
  23. *23 You must have the Bluetooth function turned on for your OS to use it. You also need to enable Bluetooth access permission for macOS, iOS/iPadOS. You also need location information permission and access permission for devices with Android OS 11 or lower, and nearby device permissions are required for Android OS 12 or higher.
  24. *24 You cannot create layer comps in Debut or Pro, but existing clip files with layer comps can be edited and saved without losing the layer comp data. If a file is edited in a non-supported grade by adding layers, the layers will be hidden in the set layer comps.