1st Quarter of 2024

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In order to express our gratitude to these Clip Studio ASK users for their continuous support in providing helpful answers, we award the titles of MVP and NVP. The following are the winners for the first quarter of 2024.
Congratulations to the winners!

Tabulation period: Jan 1–31, 2024

NVPs for the first quarter of 2024

Tabulation period: Jan 1–31, 2024

  • The points are calculated every three months, and the ten members with the highest points are selected as MVPs.
  • The ten highest scoring members who have not yet received an MVP award will also be recognized as New Valuable Players (NVPs).
  • If we determine that the content of or behavior in a post is not consistent with the attributes of MVP/NVP, even if the points are higher, the candidate may be disqualified from the MVP/NVP rankings. Please check our Posting and Behavioral Guidelines.
  • MVPs & NVPs will receive an exclusive original commemorative badge.
  • The badge will be displayed on the posts and profiles of MVPs & NVPs of each quarter.
Commemorative Gift
MVP badge NVP badge
Contents Points
Response post 1 point
Best Answer 10 point
Response likes 1 like x 1 point

Timeframe: 2nd quarter of 2024, April 1–June 30, 2024
Results announcement: Late July 2024

  • We may ask MVPs if they want to become an Official Expert.
  • Examples of some of the forms of cooperation we would like to ask of our Official Experts are answering questions published in ASK, as well as giving their opinions to CELSYS about products and services, including some yet to be announced.
  • The Official Expert badge will be displayed on the posts and profiles of the experts.
  • *From January 2024, the title of "Evangelist" has changed to "Official Expert."

4th Quarter of 2023 Official Experts
Official Expert badge