The graphic software popular among professionals is now offered for free.

You can get the software prior to your entry to “DHU U-18 Artist Contest 2016” just by filling in the questionnaire

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Whether you create illustrations, manga, animation or design work, CLIP STUDIO is the series for you. No other creation software covers such a wide range of fields.

Outstanding ease of drawing and a wide range of expression styles

The smoothest, most natural drawing quality you can find

With features such as a correction function to remove blurring and a function that recreates the variance between strong and weak pen pressure at the ends of lines drawn with a real pen, every stroke you draw will turn out just the way you want.

Wide range of pens and brushes

CLIP STUDIO comes with all kinds of brushes, including watercolor, oil paint and airbrushes. There's also a huge collection of pen and brush materials for you to download and use, posted by CELSYS and other users.

Handy functions to increase quality and speed

Filling functions designed for convenience

Features like "Close gap" and "Fill leftover" allow you to color pictures faster.

Accurate 3D drawing

Load 3D drawing figures, small objects and backgrounds to use as a reference for your drafts. This allows you to draw difficult angles and poses accurately.

Here are just a few of the functions you'll enjoy
  • Make font lists and preview text before inputting
  • Freely create complex gradients
  • Scan content and remove dust from imported images
  • Import and export files in Photoshop format And many more!

Use the top-grade software that professional artists choose! Your knowledge of this software will help you many times in future.

See videos of professional artists at work!

Watch how they create illustrations with CLIP STUDIO PAINT!
CLIP STUDIO PAINT gives illustrators more freedom and enjoyment.

Live Painting
in MANSAI Digest

Live Painting
feat.shichigoro-shingo Digest

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The application period has ended.Thank you for your application.

Free software for creation of a work

Product offered One license for CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT download version ( Windows / MacOS)
Application deadline Wednesday, January 25, 2017 17:00 (Japan standard time)
Application eligibility Those who plan to enter the competition of DHU U-18 Artist Contest 2016 by submitting a digital work created with this tool.
(You must write the software you used on the entry sheet when submitting your work.)


  • * We offer only one license per applicant.
  • The software is a download version. A serial number will be sent to you via email so that you can download the software at the"CLIP STUDIO PAINT official website".
  • * For those who use the e-mail address of mobile phone for the application
    The serial number and instructions on how to download the software will be sent from the address with the domain ""
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The application period has ended.Thank you for your application.

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