Standard paint tool for Manga

Supported OS :
Windows    XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Mac OS X    10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9

350,000 users for 1.5 years

  • A piece of software, which has acquired 350,000 users in Japan for 1.5 years after the release, with outstanding drawing performance for manga.

1,600,000 copies all over the world

  • Evolve with all the functions of ComicStudio, 1.6 million copies of which have been sold around the world.
You can see English subtitles by customizing settings on Youtube.
CSP is really remarkable for inking and coloring my works! - Santa Fung (Malaysia)
CSP is a fantastic digital painting software with a powerful brush customization system and color palette management. It is so easy to create and personalize tools with lots of options for shading, blurring, smoothing and texturing, like the most famous programs of the same type, but with a so tiny price! - Monica Galentino (Italy)
I absolutely adore the natural feeling while coloring in CSP! Blending colors is so easy, just like real brushes on real paper. Also I got very quick in filling lineart with the bucket tool. Close gap is a VERY nice feature. - Melanie Schober (Austria)
I've stopped using all my other graphics software, CSP has every tool I need. - Linus Remahl (Sweden)
Inking in CSP is simply fabulous and smooth, as much as coloring. You have a wide range of possibilities to create your brushes and customize instruments as you like. - MissChroma (Italy)
CSP is the perfect tool for the digital painting. - Tommaso Renieri (Italy)
CSP presents a comprehensive, deep, and artist-friendly tool set, while keeping the performance silky smooth! - Muhammad (Shaka) Hamze 2013 (UAE)
CLP is the best in lineart and your tools are fun for coloring. - SloppyInk (Brazil)
CSP's omnipotent fill tool and brush engine give an unparalleled digital painting experience. - Jamie-B: (UK)
CSP has an incredibly intuitive interface and a wide array of really helpful tools for painting and inking! - Neaveria (Australia)
CS Paint brings incredible usability and function to digital illustrators who want to imitate the fluidity of natural media on their computers with speed & grace. I currently use CS Paint more than any other painting program. - D*H
Clip Studio Paint has crisp, sharp lines and extremely intuitive tools that make inking and painting an incredible experience. - Min-Zhi Chin (Malaysia)
CSP really shines when it comes to both inking and coloring! - ReniAry (Russia)
CSP interface is really comfortable to use, and the varied number of tools for drawing, inking and painting makes it an all in one kind of software. - EduardoGaray (Spain)
I've never seen a program with so many useful features! - EchoBlossom123 (New Zealand)
Clip Studio Paint a very portable and user friendly software that enable you to create beautiful details from top to bottom. CLIP STUDIO PAINT gives an unparalleled digital painting experience. - athenanoza
The program is very good for making linearts, but I especially like blending the colors for the soft-coloration. - RukiFox (Germany)
CSP really shines when it comes to both inking and coloring! - Rinine (Spain)
CSP is awesome to make a beautiful artwork, you can blend color easily and make custom brushes and more. - Aprillia Nindy (Indonesia)

Introduction of some features

For any digital work

Create any type of digital work, such as illustration, painting and comics, using tools such as watercolor, oil painting, pencil and pastel.

64bit OS and multicore CPU

Support Mac/Windows' latest 64 bit OS or multicore CPU and handle large size data.

CMYK for printing

Support various workflow such as reading from scanner and input/output in CMYK. As well as making material for printing.

Sample Sample
Sample Sample
Sample Sample

Customizable UI

You can customize colors and layouts of interface.

Compatible with photoshop files

Work with other software including Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. You can import and export files in Photoshop format.

Various functions

Moreover, implemented with various functions such as vector drawing, various filters, tone adjusting layers, text input, and authoring support with rulers and 3D, all of which are usually only for high-end graphics software.

vector drawing

You can try the free trial version of PRO / EX.
Don't miss the chance for a new drawing experience.

*Manga Studio 5 is a package version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT and is sold by our partner, Smith Micro Software, Inc.

What's new?

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