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Post your tutorial on our theme of the month and share your art knowledge with Clip Studio Paint users all over the world! You can even submit short tutorials (approx. 200 words) based on tips you have posted social media posts such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube. Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials for the month's themes, giving away up to US$10,000 in prizes!

Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials from chosen themes on Clip Studio Tips across a range of genres, giving out up to $US10,000 worth of rewards! Why not create your own tutorial to share your tips and teach other creators about Clip Studio Paint?

This month’s themes

Entry period

April 23 to May 24

We will announce the next theme on Wednesday, May 29.

Theme 01


Concept art depicting a fictitious world in detail.

Examples of themes:
How to draw natural objects such as trees, water, rocks, and clouds / How to draw machinery and buildings made of metal / How to draw using photos / Tips on composition / How to use perspective rulers / How to draw characters / How to draw creatures / Lighting techniques / Effective finishing methods, etc.

Theme 02


Digital art work recreating the effect of traditional watercolor and oil painting.

Examples of themes:
How to express blur / How to customize the brush / How to set the texture and the background of the paper / How to choose the color / Analog-like drawing technique / How to draw using both analog and digital environments, etc.

Theme 03


Creative commercial illustration, such as posters, catalogs, and product advertising.

Examples of themes:
Processing photos and images / Screen composition using rulers and text tools / How to use materials (brush, image, and 3D models) / Using Clip Studio Paint with Photoshop & Illustrator / Color scheme ideas / How to use pattern brushes / Using textures / Finishing techniques / Layout tips, etc.

See this month’s entries

Total rewards worth US$10,000 each month!

Each month we’ll select the best tips on the month’s themes, and award up to a total of US$10,000 in rewards! We will announce the winners on the fifth of the following month.

Gold level: US$700 (or 120,000 GOLD): up to 7 winners
Silver level: US$300 (or 55,000 GOLD): up to 14 winners
Bronze level: 3,000 GOLD: up to 30 winners

Note: We are planning to send the money through bank transfer or paypal. Users who desire GOLD require a Clip Studio account. The total number of winners refers to winners in all languages.

How to apply

To enter this contest, simply post your tutorial to Clip Studio Tips with the tag #MonthlyTIPS201904 and one theme tag (#ConceptArt, #TraditionalStyle, #CommercialDesign). Make sure that your tutorial meets the entry requirements to be considered.


See this month’s entries

Entry requirements

  • To be eligible, please create an illustration tutorial along one of the monthly themes in Clip Studio Paint.
  • Submitted tutorials may be based on tips you have posted on social media tips such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube.
  • Tutorials that are newly posted during the submission period will be eligible. Tips that have already been posted cannot be accepted for the monthly contest.
  • The minimum word count is 200 words. (Minimum 200 words in English, French, Spanish, and German; 500 characters in Japanese and Korean; 400 characters in Traditional Chinese)
  • Please include at least 3 screenshots or images, progress shots, or screen captures so that your tutorial is easy for beginners to understand. (Please refrain from adding text to your images, as it will not be translated.) You can also use videos or gifs.
  • Please only include images that you own. Tutorials with copyrighted content are not eligible.
  • You may post your tutorial in any of the following languages:
    English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese
  • Posts from a CLIP STUDIO account without a thumbnail and SNS/website URL will be excluded. Please register at least one thumbnail and one SNS/website URL on CLIP STUDIO PROFILE.
  • We cannot comment on reasons for selecting the award winners.
Total rewards worth US$10,000! Post Clip Studio Paint tips on our themes of the month