Annual/Monthly Plan / Update Pass subscribers

Installing this software will also cause the following to be installed:

Installation to Start-up (Windows/macOS)

Installing Clip Studio Paint for the first time

1. Run the installer and follow the instructions to install the software.

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Windows: CSP_3XXw_setup.exe macOS: CSP_3XXm_app.pkg



Tap the CLIP STUDIO icon on your desktop.


Open the Applications folder > CLIP STUDIO 1.5 and tap the CLIP STUDIO icon.

3. Click Draw to launch Clip Studio Paint.

4. Register your license.

Tap [I already have a license / I have signed up for a free offer].

5. Log in with your Clip Studio account.

6. Launch Clip Studio Paint.

Tap [Activate] if it displays.

7. Check out the basic operations.

Find out more about how to make illustrations, comics, and animation works in the app and watch beginner tutorial videos and more.

Update Pass for one-time purchase (perpetual) licenses Ver. 1, Ver.2.0, Ver. 3.0

If you have signed up for the update plan after installing the latest version of Clip Studio Paint and cannot start the app, please see below.


Up to 3 months free

for Windows / macOS

Please access this page from a computer to download the software.

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