Sketch even the most complex angles with ease with 3D models

Included in Clip Studio Paint's materials are 3D drawing figures that aid in drawing difficult poses or in working out angles when drawing people.

They can be put to use in so many ways - place the model to the side and reference them when you draw, trace over them, or pose them in a frame to help you work out compositions. Give them a go and try out poses and angles you wouldn’t have dared before!

Freely adjustable body and head sizing

The wide variety of 3D models available allow you to choose one that fits with the specifics of your character, male or female, child or adult. Fine-tune every attribute of your 3D drawing figure including their height, head size, and body type to match your character!

Compose scenes with different combinations of backgrounds and objects

Combine multiple 3D primitives, like flat surfaces and cubes to help you find the right composition for your entire piece, and work out where to place people, objects, and background elements.

Pose your models with the power of AI

Our pose scanner, based on AI technology, recognizes people and poses in photos and uses them to pose 3D drawing figures and 3D character assets in Clip Studio Paint. So there’s no need to fiddle around posing your models from scratch!