Clip Studio Paint will no longer implement an image generator function

December 2, 2022

We apologize for the anxiety and concern we have caused regarding the announcement of the Image Generator Palette on November 29.

After the initial announcement, we received a lot of feedback from the community and will no longer implement the image generator palette.

Here are some concerns that we have taken to heart:

  • Current image generation AI exploits other artists' intellectual property and is unusable
  • This feature will hinder rather than help artists in their creative activities
  • Using artist’s work that is not opted-in to a data set is ethically unacceptable
  • The fear that this will make Clip Studio Paint artwork synonymous with AI-generated work
  • There are existing features that need to be prioritized over image generation AI features
  • Having something unknown in the app I use daily potentially infringing on legal or moral rights is unacceptable
  • Clip Studio Paint should be an app that takes responsibility for a safe, creative environment

The Image Generator palette was developed with the hope that we could provide a new way to experience creativity. However, we had neglected to take the necessary considerations.

We were so preoccupied with how generative AI technology could be used creatively that we lost sight of what our core users want from Clip Studio Paint as a creative tool. We would like to sincerely apologize.

Celsys will not be implementing any image generator AI features in Clip Studio Paint that present this kind of concern, and will listen more sincerely to the opinions of creators. We will redouble our efforts to provide features that can be used with peace of mind by all artists.