The Clip Studio Paint installer will automatically start downloading shortly.

From installation to startup

1. Run the installer and follow the instructions to install the software.

▼ Google Chrome
▼ Microsoft Edge
Windows : CSP_2XXw_setup.exe macOS : CSP_2XXm_app.pkg


Windows :

Click the “CLIP STUDIO” icon on the desktop.

macOS :

Open the “Applications” folder > “CLIP STUDIO 1.5” and click on the “CLIP STUDIO” icon.

3. Click Draw to launch Clip Studio Paint.

4. Get started in Clip Studio Paint with our official tips and tutorials.

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Official Tips & Tutorials

5. All software features can be used.

To access all the features of Clip Studio Paint, follow these steps:
(1) Click [Sign up to get your first 3 months free].
(2) Log in with your Clip Studio account.
(3) Click the method you wish to use.
・ Click "Get 30 days free!" to register your Clip Studio account and get 30 days free.
・ Click "3 month free trial" to get 3 months free when you apply for a monthly plan.

Sign up to use all the features during the free trial period.

If you do not register your trial or if your trial expires, the following functions will be limited.

  1. The Save, Save As, and Save Duplicate functions are not available. Save and Save As in Page Management are also unavailable.
  2. Export to photo library (iPad / iPhone / Android / Chromebook only), Export (Single Layer), Flatten and save to device storage (Android / Chromebook only), Export multiple pages, Export animation, and Special Export are not available.
  3. The Batch process function is unavailable.
  4. The following features related to importing are unavailable: Batch import, Continuous Scan, and Select Scan Device.
  5. The Print Settings, Print, and Corner store print functions are unavailable.
  6. You cannot use the Copy vectors as SVG (Windows/macOS only) function.
  7. No material registration functions.
  8. The Change material settings function is unavailable.
  9. The following features related to page management are unavailable: Add page, Add page (details), Load page, Duplicate page, Replace page, Delete page, Combine Pages, Split Pages, Change basic work settings, Change basic page settings, Group work, Edit text, and Sort page file names.
  10. The following functions related to file objects are unavailable: Convert layer to file object and Paste as file object.
  11. ComicStudio work files (.cst), Clip Studio Storyboard files (.csnf) cannot be imported.
  12. OpenToonz scene files cannot be exported.
  13. Plugins (Windows, macOS versions only) are unavailable.
  14. Remove tones (Technology preview), Colorize (Technology preview), and Pose Scanner (Technology preview) functions are unavailable.
  15. The following exposure sheet settings are unavailable: Export exposure sheet, Import exposure sheet, Apply Toei Animation Digital Exposure Sheet information to current exposure sheet, Load changes to Toei Animation Digital Exposure Sheet, Toei Animation Digital Exposure Sheet settings, Toei Animation Digital Exposure Sheet Path Settings (iPad only).
  16. The Quick share function (iPad/iPhone only) is unavailable.
  17. The [Export timelapse] function is unavailable.
  18. The following 3D-related functions are unavailable: Exporting primitive UV maps, exporting panorama UV maps, and exporting panorama images.