Fill in the night sky - the 88 Constellations in 23 Hours challenge!

4:00am Nov 16 - 3:00am Nov 17 (EST)
9:00am Nov 16 - 8:00am Nov 17 (UTC/GMT)
The best ones will be posted on the app launch screen! Clip Studio Paint
Thanks to everyone, we were able to illuminate the night sky
with 88 constellation illustrations!
Thanks for taking part!

88 Constellations
in 23 Hours challenge!

Thanks to everyone for submitting all your illuminating illustrations! The event is now over and we are no longer accepting new entries.

In association with Connected Ink 2021 from Wacom, we bring you the 88 Constellations in 23 Hours challenge! Let’s see if we can gather illustrations of all 88 constellations within this 23-hour event! Take part in the challenge by posting your original illustration of one of the constellations to Twitter!

Entry period

4:00am Nov 16 - 3:00am Nov 17 (EST)
9:00am Nov 16 - 8:00am Nov 17 (UTC/GMT)

How to Enter

Step 1: Choose your favorite constellation and draw an illustration based on it!
Step 2: Post it to Twitter using the challenge hashtags!
Note: We can only accept transparent illustrations without backgrounds.
From all the works posted during the challenge...

We selected the very best to be part of the
Clip Studio Paint launch screen!

Congratulations on being selected!

Download the special commemorative
Connected Ink 2021 Clip Studio apps here!



Check out the event livestreams!

We will be streaming the progress of the challenge and highlighting handy Clip Studio Paint tips and features that might be useful in creating your constellation illustrations! Give it a go!
Date Language Topic Stream Link
Nov 16
12:00pm (UTC/GMT)
Japanese How to give your constellation illustrations an edge with Clip Studio Paint This stream has ended.
Nov 16
1:00pm (UTC/GMT)
English This stream has ended.
Nov 17
5:00am (UTC/GMT)
Japanese Tips and techniques on drawing illustrations brimming with emotion with ease This stream has ended.
Nov 17
6:00am (UTC/GMT)
English This stream has ended.

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Entry guidelines

Entry period 4:00am Nov 16 - 3:00am Nov 17 (EST)
9:00am Nov 16 - 8:00am Nov 17 (UTC/GMT)
Illustration guidelines Original illustrations of one of the 88 constellations in the night sky for all ages
Note: Please only post transparent images, without backgrounds.
Note: Submissions that are fanart or depict existing characters, people, brands, or products will not be accepted.
How to post Please post your original illustration inspired by one of the 88 constellations on your Twitter account with the specified hashtag for each constellation.
Please note that if you post your entry with the incorrect hashtag(s), we will not be able to accept it for this contest.
Reward From the entries posted during the event, we will select a number of entries based on their closeness to the theme, quality, creativity and number of likes on Twitter to be used in the Clip Studio Paint launch screen.
Apps No restrictions - use whichever app you are most comfortable in to create your entry.
Note: If you do not currently have an app please feel free to use the trial version of Clip Studio Paint to create your entry.
Submission rules
  • Please only submit original illustrations that you yourself have created.
  • Only transparent illustrations without backgrounds will be accepted.
  • A single applicant may submit multiple entries.
  • Please keep in mind that your entry will be viewed by a diverse set of people of different nationalities, cultures, and ages.

Entries that are found to be applicable to any of the following points will not be eligible for the reward. Applicants who are found to be ineligible will not be individually notified.

  • Entries must not discriminate against mental or economical disadvantages, and must not include defamatory elements or profanity.
  • Entries must not violate individual privacy.
  • Entries that infringe on copyright or intellectual property.
  • Entries that depict nudity or sexual content. Entries must not depict nudity or sexual content.
  • Entries that depict child prostitution, pornography, or abuse.
  • Entries that disrespect others’ freedom of religion, politics, belief, occupation, sex, etc., or impose any particular ideas/stoke conflict.
  • Entries that breach the law, public order, or morality.
  • Entries that contain socially offensive content.
  • Entries that are not in line with the purpose of the contest.
Information on the Special Connected Ink 2021 Clip Studio Paint Apps
  • Must be specially installed.
  • Available for Windows and macOS only.
  • Custom builds of Ver. 1.11.4.
  • Installed in the same location as the regular version.
  • Updating the app after installing one of the special editions will revert the app to the regular version. (The launch screen will return to normal)
  • There are no plans to maintain these special editions beyond this version.
  • To revert to the previous version (Ver. 1.11.4), please uninstall and reinstall the app.

Operated by CELSYS, Inc.

This contest is operated by CELSYS, Inc. and is not associated with, nor sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Twitter, Inc.

Connected Ink 2021 event date and time

4:00am Nov 16 - 7:00am Nov 17 (EST)
9:00am Nov 16 - 12:00am Nov 17 (UTC/GMT)
Connected Ink explores new avenues for art and human expression, as well as the technologies that support them.
For 27 hours, people from different professions and cultures will gather to encounter new perspectives and stimulate each others’ minds in the midst of a chaotic cloud of creativity.

88 Constellations in 23 Hours challenge!

Fill the night sky with your illuminating illustrations from 9am Nov 16 (UTC/GMT)! The 88 Constellations in 23 Hours challenge is now on! Can we fill the night sky during the event? We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.