International Comic/Manga School Contest 2021 Storyboard Category Storyboard Text 1 (Courtesy of BookLive)

◆ Characters, personalities, and relationships

  • Girl (16 years old)
    She was competing in track and field with dreams of participating in the Olympics but was injured while competing and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. The bus is the only way for her to get to the hospital.
  • Bus driver (45 years old)
    An unexpressive bus driver. Originally wanted to work as a photographer, but gave up on this dream and became a bus driver instead. This character drives the bus that takes the girl from her home to the bus stop in front of the hospital. It is a route that the girl has taken dozens of times.
  • Hospital physician
    Only appears as the girl's doctor; Not a major character.

◆ Script Content

Text on a solid black background states, "The Olympics are only a month away."

The 16-year-old girl is riding on the bus. A crutch is propped up next to her seat.
On the girl's lap is a photo album about the Olympic Games.

The bus stops in front of the hospital. The driver announces over the loudspeaker that the bus has arrived at the hospital.

Bus driver: "●● Hospital, ●● Hospital"

Knowing the girl gets off here every week, the bus driver gently calls out to her, as she seemed to be too engrossed in her photo album to notice where they were.
Bus driver: "Anyone getting off at ●● Hospital?"
Girl: "Ah, I'm sorry! This is my stop!" The girl hurriedly gets off the bus.
(The bus is a side-loading type where passengers exit the bus in the front next to the driver)

*The bus driver watches from a distance as the young girl walks on crutches to the hospital gates.

Include a picture of a hospital sign.

A hospital examination room. The girl is getting a check-up by her doctor on her recovery from her injury.
Doctor: "Your recovery over these past six months is going well."
Girl: "Doctor..." "Do you think I'll ever be able to move my leg like before?"
Doctor: "Hmm." "Recovery varies from person to person, but if everything goes well, I think it'll bounce back."
"All we can do is continue with the rehabilitation and hope for the best."

The bus stop in front of the hospital
The girl mutters: "Hope for the best..."
The bus stops, and the door opens.

Bus driver: “●●● Hospital, ●●● Hospital. Please take your time boarding the bus."
(Both entrances on the side and the front of the bus are accessible.)
The girl, as usual, is holding her photo album.
The driver looks at it with a sideways glance.

Some time later

The bus is moving, with the driver in the foreground and the girl seated in the back.
The surrounding passengers should be grayed out with only the bus driver and the girl depicted in detail.
There are about ten passengers on the bus.

Flashback scene of the girl
The girl competed in a track and field competition (high jump, long jump, or hurdle event) before she was injured. She excels in this sport and is admired by her competitors. Draw the accident scene that causes her injury while competing.

Voice of the bus driver: "Excuse me, we’ve arrived at the last stop."
Girl: "Oh..."
The girl hurriedly looks up to get off the bus with her crutches to find that she is at a bus stop she has never seen before, quite far away from her home.
Girl: “Oh...." "Where are we?"
Bus driver: Takes a look at the girl’s feet and crutches and sighs with acceptance.
The bus door closes.

Now only the two are inside the otherwise empty bus. The bus, which is no longer in service, begins to carry the girl to the nearest bus stop.

The bus driver addresses the girl out of concern.
Bus driver: "You're always reading that book, aren't you?" “Are you a fan of those athletes?"

*The bus driver tries to lighten the mood by teasing.

The girl, surprised, says:
Girl: "Yeah"
She clutches the photo album and blushes. Determination fills her eyes as she stares at the athletes in the photos.

The bus arrives at the girl's bus stop.
Girl: While getting off the bus, she turns around and says, "I...I'm going to make my dream come true."

Bus driver: Looks at the old DSLR camera hanging over the driver's seat, smiles a bit, and murmurs, "Young people these days...I really admire them."

The bus drives off.