Animate your vision : CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Best for concept artists, illustrators & designers


US$ 49.99

Also available for iPad

Best for comic artists, manga artists & animators


US$ 219.00

Also available for iPad
First six months free!

Tools to Move Your Ideas

A totally different drawing experience

Coming from a legacy of animation software, we know that frame-by-frame animation needs a smooth drawing experience that lets you draw exactly how you want. Clip Studio Paint is used in 2D animation studios worldwide as an essential part of the animation process.

Capture every detail

You can create every stroke exactly as you imagine with our powerful brush engine. Clip Studio Paint works with your device to reflect every nuance of your pen, even up to the 8192 levels of pen pressure detected by Wacom tablets.

All your animation needs in one program

From still images to camerawork and audio tracks, you can carry out every stage in a single application. Take your own animation studio wherever you go, then export your finished animation as a video, animated gif, or image sequence.

Smart features for smooth animation

Create your animation in flipbook style! Take advantage of the light table and onion-skin features to view adjacent frames and create even smoother animations.

Customizable 3D figures with new AI posing

Place and pose 3D drawing figures directly on your canvas as a reference for your art. With customizable body shapes and camera angles, they’re perfect for those hard-to-find pose references. Don’t forget to test out our brand-new beta feature of extracting poses from photos!

Support you can trust

Whether you're stuck on a new feature or need technical help, you can rely on our free customer support. We’re proud of our excellent customer satisfaction rate, and happy to be there when you need us.

Single payment for Windows & macOS

Tired of subscription models? Used by professionals but affordable, Clip Studio Paint for Windows & macOS is available for just a one-time payment. What’s more, you’ll get free updates every three months to make sure you have access to the latest tools.

Professional’s Testimonials

Juaco GarinDirector & Producer

Our animation studio has the mindset of combining the artistic and expressive values of traditional techniques with the efficiency and speed of digital tools. When comparing animation software, the characteristics that influence us the most are its ability to use timelines, symbols, automatic interpolation or composition. However, when doing traditional animation, the most important thing we look for is what we will be doing the longest: drawing. That's why Clip Studio Paint EX is so attractive to us, since its drawing tools feel very real and the animation interface is strongly based on the procedures of traditional animation.

kamiIllustrator & Animator

Clip Studio Paint is a top-notch program with a wide variety of features and easy, convenient customization to make it fit your needs and style. I especially love the easy-to-manage animation timeline, rulers, abundant collection of assets, and how it doesn't stress out my computer. CSP is really made with the artist in mind, making us able to create freely and explore the artistic process more deeply and creatively.

OkamotoAnimation Director & Illustrator

I had been using Clip Studio Paint for a long time for illustrations, but it's also amazing for my animation process, as I can work in the same software and tools I'm used to, like the pen tools and layer functions.
It has a lot of helpful features for line art and stabilization, so even beginners can draw lines with good quality.

Best for concept artists, illustrators & designers


US$ 49.99

Also available for iPad

Best for comic artists, manga artists & animators


US$ 219.00

Also available for iPad
First six months free!

Helpful Tools for Animation

Vector lines with a hand-drawn feel

Draw your animation and storyboards on vector layers with your favorite pen and brush tools, then resize and edit without losing line quality for the perfect finish. Ideal for whatever you create, whether short gifs or high-definition animation.

A smarter fill tool for speedy coloring

You can count on our special fill tool when you need speed and accuracy for flat colors! Able to fill line art with small gaps and capture tiny unfilled areas, it’s the perfect assistant for coloring your art.

Simple timeline interface

Easily rearrange or adjust the speed of animation cels in the timeline palette. In an industry-standard format, you’ll find the interface simple to understand whether you’re a first-time animator or seasoned in traditional techniques.

Camerawork for dynamic animations

Create dynamic scenes by combining frame-by-frame animation with camera effects, from zooms and angle tilts to movement on a smooth curve. You can also turn on camera view to check the movement of the camera as you animate.

From gifs to full-length animations

Enjoy creating whatever you want, whether its short animations and gifs for sharing on social media, or high-definition professional animation on Clip Studio Paint EX.

Import and export audio

Import your music, sound effects, or dialogue, then export your animation complete with sound. Clip Studio Paint is compatible with 8‑bit and 16‑bit uncompressed wav files, MP3 files, and Ogg files.

Your Ideal Workflow

A workspace for every process

Register multiple workplace layouts to instantly switch between different palette arrangements. With this feature, you can create customized workspaces ideal for each step of your workflow.

Create and share templates

Save your paper settings as a template to use over and over again! No more wasting time setting up your paper size or resolution, and you can easily share your template with your team.

Save time on repetitive actions

Instantly carry out repetitive actions like erasing your drafts or adjusting colors in one click with Auto Actions. Simply register the Auto Action once, and save your time, over and over.

Make the most of your device capabilities

Work on high-resolution files with up to 10,000 layers without worry! With 64‑bit OS and multi-core processor support, Clip Studio Paint makes the most of your device’s capability, and the layer folder feature lets you manage layer-heavy files with ease.

Join a worldwide community

Connect with creators from around the world through our online services in seven languages. Discover new features with official tutorials on “TIPS,” or swap advice with others on our Q&A forum “ASK”.

Share your digital art knowledge and reach a new audience.

Step Into a World of Movement

Animation Director & Illustrator

Creator of anime “Mecha-Ude”, animated in Clip Studio Paint.

How to create moving illustrations

Expression to match your imagination

Wendy Grieb uses Clip Studio Paint on the Microsoft Surface Studio to express every nuance of the pen, from tilt to stoke direction. Experience for yourself to create your vision exactly as you want it.

Best for concept artists, illustrators & designers


US$ 49.99

Also available for iPad

Best for comic artists, manga artists & animators


US$ 219.00

Also available for iPad
First six months free!



Single-page illustrations & comics

Multi-page comics/manga & illustrations

Up to 24 frames for gifs or short animations

Unlimited frames for professional animation

Natural, customizable pen and brush tools

Vector layers

More than 10,000 free downloadable brushes and materials

3D models and drawing figures

PSD compatibility

RGB and CMYK compatible

For macOS and Windows


Export and print multi-page files


Convert images and 3D models into lines and dot shading

Free technical support

Free web services & community
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