Draw exactly as you imagined with Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint's brush engine was created with artists in mind for the best drawing experience. With our unrivalled pen pressure sensitivity, you can draw precise and nuanced lines every time.

Feel supported with the app’s unique pen pressure settings and line stablization functionality, to exceed your own artistic expectations.

Unrivalled pen pressure sensitivity for naturally smooth drawing

Clip Studio Paint’s brush engine faithfully reflects all 8,192 levels of pen pressure offered by Wacom’s high-end tablets.

Draw naturally weighted lines straight away without the need to change any settings on pressure sensitive devices like your iPad or Galaxy tablet device.

Fine-tune pen pressure settings to your unique drawing profile

Sure, you can draw naturally with Clip Studio Paint as is, but you want it to fit your unique strokes, right? Fear not - with the built in settings, you can adjust your pen for your unique artistic profile. So no matter how hard you press down on the pen, you can still recreate nuanced lines digitally with minimal fuss.

Draw beautiful lines with line stablization

With Clip Studio Paint, draw pro-level lines every time, even if you’re not used to creating artwork digitally.

The app comes complete with settings to deal with shaky hands with line stabilization, with natural tapering effects for the beginning and end of your brush strokes.