3D Data Setup Tool CLIP STUDIO MODELER (Windows / macOS) Freeware

Clip Studio Modeler is a tool for setting up 3D materials to use in Clip Studio Paint. You can import 3D data made with other software and configure them as materials that you can use in Clip Studio Paint. The software is completely free. Learn more here.

Note: 3D object materials made with Clip Studio Modeler Ver.1.8.0 onwards cannot be imported to earlier versions of Clip Studio Paint or Clip Studio Modeler. Please install and use the latest version.
Note: We plan to release more 3D model functions in the future.


Ver.1.9.1 approx. 100MB (07/17/2019)


Ver.1.9.2 approx. 200MB (12/23/2020)

Useful Resources

  • Installation and Uninstallation Guide: PDF
  • Instruction Manual HTML / PDF



Set up 3D materials to use in Clip Studio Paint.

Setting up 3D Objects

You can import 3D data and configure 3D objects as materials. You can also switch textures, set up movable parts, and change the rotation.

3D Objects setup screen
Toggle color variation with Material settings
Movable parts can be customized
Configure the direction of an object

Setting up a 3D character

You can set up 3D characters by importing data. With the bone setting function, boneless 3D models can be easily configured like other moveable characters in Clip Studio Paint.