Release of the update for CLIP STUDIO PAINT in English and Chinese versions

January 31, 2014

The update for CLIP STUDIO PAINT in English and Chinese (traditional) Ver. 1.3.1 (Windows/Mac OS X) will be released on Thursday, February 20. Users of English and Chinese versions can download the updated version from CLIP STUDIO.NET for free.

English download (Win/Mac OS X)
Schedule: Thursday, February 20
(JST) 17:00
(CST) 02:00
(Taiwan) 16:00
Chinese download (Win/Mac OS X)
The 20% discount campaign is running so that many users can try the products.

Main features of CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver.1.3.1 English and Chinese versions

*【EX/PRO/DEBUT】 shows which grade of product will carry the features.

“LT conversion of layer”, “Line extraction”, and “Gradient” of tone density to convert 3D/2D data into expressions fitting to manga. EX

(1) LT conversion of layer

Users can convert 3D model and 2D image data into expressions fitting to manga with outline and gradient with tone. Users can create a background, usually time and work consuming, with 3D/2D data efficiently. Outline and tone are divided into different layers, so users can add corrections to them, change tone settings, and put modifications such as tone shave easily. Users can configure settings of line extraction meticulously for 3D model and export outline in a vector layer.

(2) Line extraction

Users can extract outline from 3D model and 2D image and make it with an illustration quality, otherwise a flat expression just with tone. Users can extract not only a shape of model but also outline for texture for 3D model.

Users can extract outline from picture and colored illustration. Colored materials, which shape will become vague with tone, can be visible by adding outline with “Line extraction”.

(3) Gradient of tone

Users can tone image with gradient (by pasting tone) by dividing it into several levels of density. It will be easier to put contrast than when toning gray scale with gradient without levels of density, and will become an expression fitting to a monochrome image.

“Saturated line” and “Stream line” sub tools to create saturated and stream lines flexibly.

Users can configure detailed settings such as changing shapes of saturated and stream lines and setting a group of lines. Users also can draw saturated and stream lines automatically with the settings unique to CLIP STUDIO PAINT such as brush shape.

“Border of watercolor” as layer effect. PROEX

Border of watercolor has been added to layer effect. It is different from direct drawing with brush, so users can add effect to a layer already drawn and adjust effect level later on.

More convenient perspective ruler PROEX

“Figure”, “Poly line”, and “Straight line” can be drawn with snapping to perspective ruler. Users can draw rectangle and ellipse figures easily to make background work more efficient.

Easier to select font DEBUTPROEX

Preview to display a list of font by font itself and font list to display font frequently used in a list have been added to make users select font more easily.