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We will show you some handy Clip Studio Paint features that may surprise you.

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Draw comfortably with natural brush strokes

Professional-grade pen pressure detection and calibration faithfully represents every stroke you make, optimized to your unique pressure profile. Draw smooth lines every time with line stabilization, reducing shaky lines, and line tapering, for a natural beginning and end of each stroke.


Use the Fill tool to quickly and cleanly fill in areas with gaps where color spills out, either by closing the gaps or by selecting the small details you’ve overlooked.


From flowers to plants, frills to chains and dotted lines - draw them all with decoration brushes at your disposal to make drawing detailed, repetitive patterns easy and fun! Download all of these and more right away from Clip Studio ASSETS, full of official and user-generated brushes for you to discover.


Upgrade to PRO or EX for even better drawing and line editing powers!

Edit lines after you’ve drawn them with Vector layers

Vector images included in the layer can be scaled up/down without losing image quality. You can even adjust the thickness of lines to your heart’s content, even after you’ve drawn them.

Edit everything about your lines, from the color, thickness, and even the path, after the fact.


Create precise and elaborate artworks with rulers

As well as rulers for basic shapes, there are a number of advanced rulers to help you draw even more elaborate, intricate artwork!

  • ・A Symmetrical ruler for drawing symmetrical shapes
  • ・A Perspective ruler to draw backgrounds with perspective, where lines move towards vanishing points
  • ・And so many more, including Concentric circle, Radial line and Parallel line rulers!

Switch up the feel of your art with a countless number of brushes to choose from

Clip Studio Paint's brushes are highly customizable, allowing you to fine-tune the strength & texture to produce lines exactly how you want. Create brushes that change opacity depending on pen pressure and customize them as much as you like.


Level up your brushes by upgrading to PRO or EX!

Import Photoshop brushes (.abr)

Change the hue, saturation, and luminosity of brush tools, or use Color Jitter to randomly change the color of each stroke for even more ways to express yourself.

Note: Drawing results of imported Photoshop brushes may differ from those of Photoshop.


Access a wider range of expression, with easy-to-use dual brushes

Combine two brushes and create your own unique brush with the “Dual brush” brush tool function.


Make drawing difficult poses and angles a breeze with 3D tools

Pose 3D drawing figures as frameworks for your drawings. Intuitively set up your figures’ poses directly with your mouse, or import pre-made pose files and apply to any figure!
Fatten up, slim down, or bulk up your figures’ bodies to match your characters’ body types and make fine adjustments to head size to make drawing certain styles easier.


Take your art to the next level with EX!

Extract edges and colors from photos and 3D models

Extract lines and tones onto different layers to make modifying lines and changing tone settings a whole lot easier. Use pens and brushes to draw, paint, and process your extractions, and take your comic artwork one step further.


More than just illustrations - create full-fledged comics as well!

Clip Studio Paint lets you create so much more than illustrations and webtoons. Discover how to create full comics for print, or even animations!
Upgrade to access even more features to support your creativity.


Upgrade to PRO or EX for enhanced comic tools!

Create clean complex frames in an instant

Easily divide frames using the built-in frame tool. With the Divide frame border tool, you can divide, cut, and create frames with complex shapes just by dragging your cursor. Not only can you split frames, but you can also create folders for each frame for easy image and material organization.


A wealth of speech bubble shapes

Customize the type, position, and length of the speech bubble tail as well as the thickness and color of the line. You can also forego the pre-loaded materials and create your own hand-drawn speech bubbles!


Work on multiple pages and preview them all before printing

Use the Manage works window to check on all pages of your project at a glance, add pages, change page order, and convert single pages into double-page spreads. You can also preview your book before sending it off for print.


Handy features for webtoon artists

Equipped with specialized webtoons canvas creation, page splitting, and multi-page management tools. Use the smartphone preview tool to see how your webtoon will look on a number of different devices.


Make your illustrations move

Use the built-in animation features, which are even available in DEBUT and PRO, to create flipbook-style animations of up to 24 frames (3 seconds at 8 frames/sec) and make your illustrations move. Completed works can be exported as movies, animated GIFs, and sequential images.


Upgrade to EX for access to the full animation suite!

Create full-fledged animations

Clip Studio Paint EX is built with professional-grade animation functionality, used in creating animation for broadcast. It is even possible to export completed animations as videos or sequential images.


What's the difference between the grades?

Basic functions
Illustration/artwork creation Use standard illustration tools for rough sketches, inking, and coloring to create your illustrations and artwork in comfort. You can also create illustrations that move.
Design work support Supports your design work with rulers, guide lines, and brush customization tools.
Comics Create full-color or black-and-white comics. Some functions are not available in DEBUT. (✓)
Multi-page management Manage multi-page manuscripts or books as a single work.
Vector drawing Draw with a vector format that keeps lines clean even when zoomed in or out.
Tool customization Customize your pen and brush tools to suit your individual needs.
Print and export multi-page projects Print and export multi-page works in a specific format all at once. *1
3D models to help your drawing Pose 3D drawing figures as frameworks for your drawings.
Number of materials The number of materials you can use is the same for PRO and EX. There are some materials unavailable on DEBUT. (✓)
Premium functions
Convert to lines and tones Automatically convert photos, images, and 3D data to lines and tones.
Teamwork feature Collaborate on team projects with different members working on different pages.
Story creation support Functions to help you create your comic story and position the text on each page.
Fanzine features Support for manuscript creation for submitting fanzines to printers.
Webtoon features Specialized functions for webtoon creation, including basic settings, export, and page view functions (✓) (✓)
Professional-level animation functions Includes animation functions that are used by professional animation studios.

*1 Some functions are not available on iPad/iPhone/Galaxy/Android/Chromebook versions.

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