Create full-fledged animations

Clip Studio Paint is packed with a professional animation suite of features. Create genuine 2D cel animations with advanced features like timeline placement, camera work, audio effects and a heap of other processes that go beyond the basic drawing functionality. Clip Studio Paint is used by 2D animation studios around the world as an integral part of their animation process.

Breathe life into your drawings with movement

Create 2D animations using nothing but Clip Studio Paint.
Place your illustration onto the timeline and play them back in sequence at a frame rate of your choosing to watch them come to life.
The applications are endless, from social media clips, to movie and TV-quality full-scale animations - you can do it all.

Create proper animations with camera work and audio features

You can even direct your animation’s camera work all in Clip Studio Paint. The app can handle all sorts of camera work, from linear movement, to smooth curves and more dynamic actions, too. All while smoothly tying together movements in between key frames.

Create an audio track on the timeline to add multiple audio tracks and sound effects to your animation. Multiple file formats for export are also supported, so you’ll never get stuck when it comes time to publish. Frame sequences and tracks can also be exported separately.
*Supported formats: GIF, MP4, QuickTime (macOS, iPad, iPhone only), PNG, BMP, JPEG, Targa, TIFF

Used by professional animation studios

The Clip Studio Paint timeline is based on animation industry standards. The animation suite is also built with light table and onion skin functions, so you can refer to the surrounding frames when you draw.