How to Draw CAR CHASES

How to Draw CAR CHASES

Join the Etherington Brothers and learn how speed, danger, and powerful kinetic action can be added to your car chases using effective camera angles and composition!


Learn how you can draw… or learn how to THINK when you DRAW with the Etherington Brothers!


Car chases are all about speed, danger, and powerful, kinetic action!



Effective Camera Angles

Here’s a visual library to help get dynamic variety in your shots…!


Establishing shots

When drawing a car chase, it’s important to “set up” or “establish” the situation.



You can show where the chase is taking place by showing a cloud of smoke in the distance or change the angle of the camera, which also adds a sense of urgency.



Deep perspective

When showing the two cars, you can use an “exaggerated” or “deep” perspective for a more dynamic composition.




Reflections in a side mirror, an oncoming car, or any other reflective surface can add a unique flair to your scene.




Sometimes accuracy isn’t what you want in your perspectives, as they can become too static and boring for the scene. Break this up by using effects such as fisheye lenses, background blur, vehicle blur, and even elongating the cars!



Remember to cut back to the driver(s) during your chase scenes, as this keeps the action grounded in your character’s story.



Framing Action

More ideas for framing your action…


1st person perspective

Mix in first-person perspective to bring the viewer right next to the action.



Foreground vehicle framing

Framing vehicles in the foreground is a creative way to tell a story as well. For example, you can use the underside or side bonnet of the chasing car, or show the view from one of the windows.



Opposing angles

Opposing angles add contrast to compositions containing both cars.

When one tilts to the left, tilt the other to the right; when one points up, make one point down… or make them converge! This randomness and creates a dynamic contrast.




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