How To Draw Glasses & Goggles


The Etherington Brothers show how to draw glasses & goggles in the right perspective! Use simple geometric shapes to help you draw different eyewear!


Learn how you can draw… or learn how to think when you draw with the Etherington Brothers!




Here’s a quick exercise for understanding how glasses appear from different angles:



Practice placing a rectangle in space in front of a sphere.



Now apply this idea to a few simple head shapes, always keeping the rectangle flat.



Let’s start fitting some different spectacles designs into our basic rectangle.



Notes for drawing oversize glasses in profile:



Some more thoughts on placing glasses on your character’s faces:



Goggles, unlike most glasses, fit to the form of the face. Let’s begin with a basic “safety goggle” design since it bridges the gap between glasses and other goggle types.



Using the above approach, we can take the head models and easily draw basic goggles from any angle:



Goggles that flex or curve at the bridge of the nose don’t always have flat lenses.



For goggles with flat lenses which stand out at a greater distance from the face, just extend the cylinders.


Goggles curve around foreheads and helmets too!


There are so many interesting forms you can implement within your designs…



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