How to think: Drawing Noses

How to think: Drawing Noses

Out of all of the parts of the face, the nose is the most versatile in terms of design. Learn how to draw noses with plenty of character, and expand your toolset with the Etherington Brothers!


Learn how you can draw… or learn how to THINK when you DRAW with the Etherington Brothers!


Noses are the most sculptural feature of the face, and as such offer a wealth of variation possibilities.



From the front, noses are drawn using an “M” and an “h”.



From the side, use an “L” and a “U”.



These SHAPES are consistent.



More than any other feature on the face, the nose can be distorted almost beyond recognition, and still be a “nose”.



This ability to diversify your designs frees you up to endless possibilities!



There are three main parts of the nose that can be exaggerated separately.



At each stage, we get a different nose!




The profile is by far the clearest and easiest angle from which to begin your nose design.



In order to draw the nose from other angles, think about the volume.



The dorsal line of the nose can curve in or out.



Remember: The dorsal is a hard bone which doesn’t move, but the tip and nostrils do have movement.



In profile, your character’s nose is the boldest form on the face!



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