How To Draw Angry Expressions

Angry Expressions

Learn how you can draw… or learn how to THINK when you DRAW with the Etherington Brothers! Learn how the shape of eyebrows and lips come into play when drawing angry expressions, and how to draw different levels and types of anger!


In this lesson, learn how to draw angry, moody facial expressions and characters!


Key facial features

Different expressions accent different key facial features.



To discover the key features of an expression, try pulling it in a mirror in slow motion.

Whichever features move first are the ones to focus on.



Eyebrows and Top lip

For anger, the first features to move are the eyebrows and the top lip.



The secondary features are used to reinforce the focal point.



See the motion of the expression before you draw the features.



Anger is a dark emotion, so use line weight and shadow liberally!



The level of anger is reflected in the sharpness of the features.




The direction of the eyes in relation to the direction of the face changes as anger increases.

Moodiness is introspective – eyes look down or to the side.



Anger is expressive – head follows eyes’ focus.




Asymmetry in facial features suggests a loss of control.



Adding tilt to the head suggests your character is brooding.



If anger is stifled, tightly pinch features across the surface of the face.



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