How to Make a Girl’s Face Look Cute

How to Make A Girl's Face Look Cute

Have you ever tried to draw a cute girl’s face, but gave up because something didn’t feel right? There’s actually a little trick to making cute faces. Keeping this trick in mind might make your drawing cuter! In this article, we will introduce you to simple skills for drawing a cute girl’s face.

1. Cute Faces Are Round!

The definition of cute varies by person, but I think one of the first things that come to mind would be babies. Young, innocent faces like babies have a round head and outline.

If you want to draw cute faces, try drawing them round!

This will naturally make your drawing look cuter!



2. Using Cute Facial Features in Drawings

In this section, we’ll explain what to keep in mind when drawing cute faces.


● Outline of the face

Usually, cute faces are depicted as young faces, and young faces are usually drawn with round shapes. You could also call it a puffy face.

Make sure to draw the cheeks with round lines to naturally depict innocence and cuteness.



● The shape and size of the eyes

The eyes are what gives that first impression, so let’s learn how to draw them!

There are many ways to draw eyes, but the round shape is also important here, so let’s use them to draw the eyes too. You can also change the look of your character simply by stretching the eyes vertically! This will give a different kind of cuteness to your character.



● Eye width

Usually, the width between the eyes should be about the same as the width of one eye. However, by making this distance a little longer, you can give a stronger sense of youth to your character. Be careful not to overdo it though. About 1.3 times the width of the eyes should be just fine.



● Nose size

This may sound obvious, but drawing the nose as a dot or not drawing it at all is the best way to show cuteness! You can also make it cuter by placing the nose a little higher than usual.



● Shape of the mouth

The mouth is also an important part of the character’s overall impression. It tends to show how the character is feeling.

For example,

・ Surprised faces
・ Happy faces
・ Troubled faces


These can all be accomplished just by changing the shape of the mouth! They are also what make a character cute.



Exaggerating the shape of the mouth is also a good way to show youth.


3. Find Your Definition of a Cute Face

We’ve explained what cute faces are like, but this really depends on the person. This means you should find your own definition of cute!

You can find your definition like this:


1: Find around ten images of what you think is cute from social media sites.
2: List why you feel the image is cute.


That list will become your definition of cute, so keep it in mind when drawing to create a cute face that you like!



What do you think?

Being able to draw cute characters can motivate and even help widen your expressional repertoire.

Although we have introduced you to the characteristics of cute faces and how to use them, this guide isn’t an absolute answer to the idea of what cute is. I encourage you to find your own definition of cute and continue to enjoy drawing!


Arrangement/Words/Illustration: Sin:cK (website)


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