How to draw iconic cityscapes

How to draw iconic cityscapes

Drawing cityscapes can be a daunting task, especially if you want to draw an iconic one that leaves an impression! Join The Etherington Brothers and learn how you can build original cities step by step, starting from the silhouette!


Learn how you can draw… or learn how to THINK when you DRAW with the Etherington Brothers!


Iconic cityscapes can be recognized even in their simplest form.


Exercise: Block out some city forms in small frames, making one key element break the frame…



By breaking the frame you encourage your brain to push the composition and move away from traditional layouts.



Take your favorite design and add some scale-defining details, such as windows, walkways, etc.



Try thinking of shapes as you would think about colours: limit them just as you would limit your colour palette.



A basic floor grid like this helps as you begin drafting your design in 3D…




Building up your cities in detail is easier if you think of them in layers.


Note: Don’t think of individual buildings at this point.


1. Silhouette first.



2. Divide up twice.



3. Divide again.



4. Now perform stage 2 on each section and fit houses into shapes.




Giant landforms stop cities from feeling like bland carpets of buildings.



Massive visual volume comes from using negative space and hollow forms.



Shadows from awnings and overhangs help establish hollow spaces too.



Some more ideas which may help generate original shapes in your cityscape:



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