How to draw SEA WATER and WAVES

Join The Etherington Brothers and learn how to draw moving water and waves! Learn how liquid poured into a glass moves and how waves are made with detailed illustrations, then top it off with natural splashes!


Learn how you can draw… or learn how to THINK when you DRAW with the Etherington Brothers!


1. Pouring liquid

Pouring liquid has two main movements: the stream of liquid itself, and the manner in which it churns and pools on whatever surface it hits.

Let’s look at liquid pouring into a glass


  1. Uneven stream snakes down.



  1. Stream leng thens, edges smooth out.



  1. Liquid hits, initial splash fans out in all directions.



  1. Angle of liquid stream causes splash to favour one side of glass.



  1. Splash breaks against side of glass.



  1. As pool gets deeper, surface lines become smoother.



  1. Liquid crests up sides and falls in on itself.



  1. Liquid continues to crest and peak, from side to side.




A stream of liquid has both a simple and a complex side.



The simple / complex rule applies to some degree no matter in which direction the water is sprayed.



Imagine that the lower side is trying to turn into droplets.



As water pours from a height, it gently twists.



When liquid hits a pool, at first it “tunnels down”.



After the initial hit, the water below the surface churns into separate bubbles.



2. Sea Waves

Waves are a rolling series of peaks and dips.



Stagger the peaks in a ZIGZIG pattern.



Use the foam lines to describe the movement and the form of the waves.



A moving object will push the water up first, and then back.



Water with a little movement can be divided up into a series of irregular flag shapes.



Show sedate water’s direction of flow by which side it breaks on fixed objects.



When an object hits the water the splash fans out.



Very quickly the edges soften and roll over.



Eventually, as the water returns to stillness, ripples and small bubbles remain.



The foam lines are like jagged lightning around misshaped jellybeans!



Stretched at the crest, compressed at the bottom.



Use shadow within the wave to suggest speed and depth.




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